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THIS Website Will Make Your iPhone Crash!





If you see a message or a tweet asking you to open a website called CrashSafari, IGNORE IT. Ignore it for the love of your iPhone or other Apple devices. Because loading it on your browser will cause your device to crash and a new iOS update is needed to fix the issue.

Recently, pranksters have been sharing the website on social media sites. CrashSafari works by “executing a small JavaScript program that continuously adds characters to the URL bar,” according to Open Whisper Systems software and security engineer Frederic Jabobs.

He explains that “Very quickly, the browser runs out of memory and the process in charge of loading that page is killed by the iOS operating system to prevent the phone to be unresponsive.”

Here’s an iPhone user showing how his phone rebooted after trying to open CrashSafari.

Loading the site to your iPhone will make your device freeze up as it tries to process the code that seems to multiply infinitely. Your phone will reboot itself afterwards. It’s not just iPhones and iPads that can fall victim into this prank; the crash can also happen to some desktops and laptops. It may fail to crash bigger processors, but it can still cause an inconvenience to users.

It’s not just Safari that is vulnerable to the website. It can affect Chrome due to a bug in the browser. Those who are using Android and PC should be luckier; they can close the browser down without having to reboot.

Pranksters have taken to sharing shortened URLs to fool others into clicking on the link that leads to CrashSafari. One such URL has generated more than 165,000 clicks – 115,000 of those are Safari users.

Here is an example. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

So be careful of opening shortened URLs. If you’re unsure, you can use tools like URL Expander or LongURL to check out where a shortened URL will lead you to.

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