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Waitress Mistaken A Dwarf For A Kid, Brought Him Coloring Book Instead Of The Menu

He was having a date with his fiancee. Instead of giving him the menu, the waitress brought him crayons and a coloring book.

We humans are prone to mistakes which reminds us that nobody is perfect. Sometimes, these mistakes put us in a very embarrassing situation. Yesterday, we posted an incident about a bride who got pregnant by a dwarf stripper during her Bachelorette party. This one also involves a dwarf but with a rather good ending. A romantic dwarf was having a date with his fiancee when the waitress mistaken him for a kid. Instead of giving him the menu, she brought him crayons and a coloring book. If it were me I would be furious, but this awesome guy is so positive that he took the error in good faith.

According to DailyMail, James Lusted, 26-years old who is suffering from dwarfism, stands merely at 3’7″. He walked into a restaurant in Cardiff, Wales, to have a romantic dinner with his 20-year-old fiancée Chloe Roberts. After they seated, instead of the menu, the waitress brought him a children’s colouring book and a bunch of crayons.

The waitress might had mistaken him for a child because Chloe towers over James at 5ft 7in. She only realized her mistake when she heard James speak.

As I said thank you to the waitress for the menu she heard my voice and knew I wasn’t a child. She immediately put the coloring book behind her back in shock. But I am man enough to see the funny side — I would never take offense.

Instead of feeling insulted, the couple just laughed at the whole incident. And they even said they would visit the restaurant again without any hard feelings.

James Lusted, a 3ft 7in dwarf, took his fiance Chloe Roberts, for a romantic dinner when he was given a children’s coloring book and crayons.

The couple said their mismatched heights had never been an issue. Speaking about living with dwarfism, James said life wasn’t easy and recollected being bullied in school. However, that is all now behind him:

I have often thought from an early age, who would want to marry me, a dwarf? But then I met Chloe and everything just fell into place.

The waitress was left red faced after realizing her mistake when she handed Mr Lusted the children’s coloring book and crayons instead of the menu.

James works as a TV presenter, actor, and motivational speaker. He also competed in the World Dwarf Games twice and played badminton at a national level. On her part, Chloe said:

All little girls dream about having their tall, dark and handsome Prince Charming. Never in my life did I think I’d date someone like James. People sometimes get a bit confused when they see us for the first time but we always laugh it off. I felt a bit sorry for the waitress — she felt very uncomfortable.

James and Chloe were able to see the funny side and they didn’t get offended.

The couple, who have been together for 18 months, are planning to marry next summer.

The pair did not complain to the Harvester in Cardiff city centre and will visit again with no hard feelings.

What a lovely and very understanding couple. Nowadays, people complains a lot, file a lawsuit to get something for free. We must remember that mistakes are pretty common since humans are not perfect. It’s not always malicious or intentional. Just smile, forgive, and move on just like this amazing couple. I wish them much happiness for their future and hope they will make something out of this story.

Read the full story at DailyMail.

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