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Vlogger Nearly Dies After Using Live Eel To Pleasure Herself Live On Camera

If you still have some faith in society, allow this story to completely wipe that little faith out of your body.

Everyone is all about broadcasting every minute of their life these days, that’s why Facebook Live videos are so popular. But then there are people who do absurd and ridiculous things for a live audience. Things like, oh I don’t know, shove a live eel up their vagina. And that’s exactly what one vlogger did recently.

Asian swamp eels are slimy and very slippery.

The vlogger, surnamed Zhang, went by the nickname ‘Qi Qi’, and streamed the broadcast via an illegal Chinese streaming platform ‘Tiger’.

During one of her broadcasts, she allegedly placed a condom over a live Asian swamp eel and inserted it into her vagina to masturbate.

She used a live Asian swamp eel to pleasure herself. Holy hell, why?

And obviously that was a terrible decision because the eel made its way up the woman’s body and she had to be taken to the hospital to have it surgically removed, as she came pretty damn close to dying.

The eel was removed from the vlogger through an incision in her stomach.

So what happened to Zhang after almost dying? Oh, she got arrested.

Zhang, plus 21 other people, were all busted by Anti-pornography police in the Zhejiang Province for making sexual content on the illegal Tiger platform. According to the anti-porn authority, it has already closed 73 illegal live-streaming platforms.

The crackdown targeted an illegal streaming platform known as Tiger which, after it began in February, allegedly hired thousands of vloggers for live pornography shows. It was busted by the country’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications, reported China Daily.

20-year-old Zhang was said to have needed surgery to have the eel removed after performing the sexual act, Chinese media reported.

There were fears Zhang died – but she later posted a picture of a surgical scar.

According to investigative reports from May, Tiger had more than a million subscribers at the time and earned some £822,571 from its operations in just two months. Police are still searching for suspects related to the Tiger operation.

Since January, China’s anti-porn authority said it has already closed 73 illegal live-streaming platforms and imposed life bans on 1,879 users for spreading inappropriate content. Zhang is one of the thousands of vloggers in China who make a living by live-streaming their daily activities.

The industry, which attracts around 200 million viewers, is highly competitive. A young woman from China who live-streamed herself eating what she thought was a healthy aloe vera leaf ended up in hospital after swallowing a poisonous lookalike.

Oh, and if you want to see a photo of surgeons removing the eel from Zhang check out the very, very graphic photo below…

Again, it’s very graphic and gross…

We warned you.

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Russian Man Accidentally Kills Himself After Taking a Photo With A Live Grenade

The man didn’t think it would go off.


A Russian man accidentally killed himself after pulling the pin from a grenade and posing for a photo to send to his friends. The police believed that the man may not have expected the grenade to go off since he didn’t throw it.

Twenty-six-year-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik died instantly in his car when the live grenade went off. According to reports, he even managed to send his friends a photo of the live grenade on his lap. The police have already released the photo that shows the gruesome scene in Chechik’s car.

Police said that Chechik didn’t wish to commit suicide.

A friend texted Chechik earlier asking his whereabouts. He then replied, “Depends on what ok is in your understanding?” He also sent a follow-up text that included the photo of the grenade. The friend was worried that he would do something stupid. Feeling concerned, the person told Chechik to quit fooling around and continued asking where he was. But then, Chechik no longer responded to the message.

Chechnik sent the picture to his friends who then panicked as they sent replies.

The police have found that Chechik, a resident of Labinsk, never had any intentions of killing himself with the small bomb. Based on the number of pictures he sent to his friends, he may have just been showing off instead of trying to commit suicide. It is also believed that Chechik never thought that the bomb would go off.

Russia is supposed to have a strict law about the acquisition and use of firearms and weapons compared to the U.S. However, it still remains unclear how Chechik got hold of a grenade. The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the incident, spokeswoman Natalia Smyatskaya said. The police have also started looking into illegal trafficking of weapons and ammunition, Russia’s Interfax reported.

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Taiwanese Actress Under Fire For Allowing Toddler To Dress Up As Victoria’s Secret Angel

People fear the actress’ daughter will be a target for sick pedos out there.


Halloween is usually celebrated with kids going out for trick or treating in adorable costumes. Parents can get extremely creative with their kids’ costumes. Easily, superhero or monster costumes are everyone’s favorites. However, one mom in Taiwan has taken it to a different level.

Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan decided to let her two-year-old daughter dress up as a Victoria’s Secret angel on Halloween. If you’re familiar with the angels, then you’ll have a pretty clear picture of a toddler in stockings and lacy lingerie. You’ll also expect that the mother will be criticized for her actions and parenting style.

This is typical of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan let her toddler girl go as a VS angel on Halloween.

Source: Wikipedia

Kwan shared a couple of photos on her Instagram, as well as on Chinese social media Weibo. As expected, Kwan was met with backlash for sexualizing her daughter and allowing her to dress in a skimpy outfit.

Kwan shared photos of her daughter on social media.

She was blasted for dressing her kid in an inappropriate way.

Some even demanded that Kwan should take the pictures down.

Many people believe that Kwan is endangering her daughter by letting her go as a sexy model, considering there are sick people who target children. Others, however, believe that people should not take things seriously as the little kid was just having fun with a Halloween costume.

It turns out that Kwan’s daughter was not only dressed as a VS angel for Halloween this year. It was just one of her costumes for the party in the nursery. The little girl also went as a hula dancer, a flower girl, and a mermaid, among others.

Kwan shared to Apple Daily that she loves Halloween and enjoys dressing up her daughter since she was little. She said she’s been dressing her up because she fears time will come her daughter will no longer want her to dress her up.

What do you think? Did you find Kwan’s decision disturbing or just fine? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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This Creepy Halloween Booze Has Been Cursed By A Real Witch

The creepiest Halloween drink is out, but be careful as the booze carries a horrifying story with it!

The Halloween is just around the corner and all sorts of creepy gimmicks are starting to come out. From donning a realistic zombie costume to decorating a house like something sinister is about to happen, people are putting a lot of efforts to feel the spirit of Halloween.

But how about swaying away from the usual pumpkin cookies and red gelos that mirror a bloody drink for the Halloween treats? How about trying the new booze that’s sure to give you the chills and horror of being mystified by a supernatural being.

The creepiest Halloween drink might be exceptionally delicious but it has a dark secret behind its ingredients.

Source: moonpig

An alleged cursed gin is the new favorite of Halloween booze seekers. The drink is reportedly made using apples picked from Pluckley in Ashford, Kent which is dubbed by the Guinness World Records as England’s ‘most haunted village.’ It is also infused with mint and a dash of Devil’s Claw. The drink is named Evil Spirit Gin and people who tried it described it as “wickedly delicious.”

But what makes the exclusive drink more creepy and special is that it is reportedly cursed by a real witch under a full moon! Reports reveal that the English village where gin was formulated have at least 12 haunted spirits. The professional witch named Julianne White was the one tapped to cast a curse on the Evil Spirit Gin.

The curse cast by a true witch on the gin is probably what’s making the booze really strong.

Source: moonpig

It is said that a ‘bespoke blessing’ was cast over the gin during October’s full moon. It was done to ‘enhance the effect’ of the witch’s unique spell which is supposed to empower the drinkers and to let them follow whatever their hearts desire – whether it is for good or evil.

The gin was sourced on haunted lands and people who want to try the drink can buy it online.

Source: twitter

So if you are planning on getting wasted over this cursed gin during the Halloween, please be responsible and check your intentions before taking a sip. The 40% proof gin is sold by the popular online card and gift shop Moonpig and is now on sale at £13.

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