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Vlogger Nearly Dies After Using Live Eel To Pleasure Herself Live On Camera

If you still have some faith in society, allow this story to completely wipe that little faith out of your body.

Everyone is all about broadcasting every minute of their life these days, that’s why Facebook Live videos are so popular. But then there are people who do absurd and ridiculous things for a live audience. Things like, oh I don’t know, shove a live eel up their vagina. And that’s exactly what one vlogger did recently.

Asian swamp eels are slimy and very slippery.

The vlogger, surnamed Zhang, went by the nickname ‘Qi Qi’, and streamed the broadcast via an illegal Chinese streaming platform ‘Tiger’.

During one of her broadcasts, she allegedly placed a condom over a live Asian swamp eel and inserted it into her vagina to masturbate.

She used a live Asian swamp eel to pleasure herself. Holy hell, why?

And obviously that was a terrible decision because the eel made its way up the woman’s body and she had to be taken to the hospital to have it surgically removed, as she came pretty damn close to dying.

The eel was removed from the vlogger through an incision in her stomach.

So what happened to Zhang after almost dying? Oh, she got arrested.

Zhang, plus 21 other people, were all busted by Anti-pornography police in the Zhejiang Province for making sexual content on the illegal Tiger platform. According to the anti-porn authority, it has already closed 73 illegal live-streaming platforms.

The crackdown targeted an illegal streaming platform known as Tiger which, after it began in February, allegedly hired thousands of vloggers for live pornography shows. It was busted by the country’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications, reported China Daily.

20-year-old Zhang was said to have needed surgery to have the eel removed after performing the sexual act, Chinese media reported.

There were fears Zhang died – but she later posted a picture of a surgical scar.

According to investigative reports from May, Tiger had more than a million subscribers at the time and earned some £822,571 from its operations in just two months. Police are still searching for suspects related to the Tiger operation.

Since January, China’s anti-porn authority said it has already closed 73 illegal live-streaming platforms and imposed life bans on 1,879 users for spreading inappropriate content. Zhang is one of the thousands of vloggers in China who make a living by live-streaming their daily activities.

The industry, which attracts around 200 million viewers, is highly competitive. A young woman from China who live-streamed herself eating what she thought was a healthy aloe vera leaf ended up in hospital after swallowing a poisonous lookalike.

Oh, and if you want to see a photo of surgeons removing the eel from Zhang check out the very, very graphic photo below…

Again, it’s very graphic and gross…

We warned you.

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