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Mom Desperately Calls for Help Because of 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Violent Tantrums

She slaps, kicks, punches, and even swears at her own mother.

Parenting is never easy and definitely not for the faint of heart. Some kids can be difficult and, in this particular case, can even bring you literal physical and emotional pains.

29-year-old Lisa has been having problems with Demi, her 6-year-old daughter. The youngster often goes for violent outbursts with Lisa ending up getting slapped, kicked, and punched by her own child.

Meet Demi, the ultimate wild child.

The young girl’s bad behavior has become really become a big problem, despite receiving help from Sharon, Lisa’s 57-year-old mother. Eventually, the single mom had to consult with Laverne Antrobus of Violent Child, Desperate Parents,a Channel 5 program.

According to Lisa, her daughter’s split personality is often unpredictable.

As Lisa shared:

“She can be absolutely lovely and give you the most wonderful loves, kisses, hugs then she can just change in seconds.

Sharon added:

“It’s like somebody turns the switch on and somebody else comes, what she calls the ‘bad Demi’.

“We have asked her does she know the ‘bad Demi’ is coming and she’ll say no.”

Controlling the youngster’s tantrums is always a struggle.

During one incident, Demi was told not to eat sweets before dinnertime and she just went wild. She grabbed Lisa’s hair and only let go after Sharon intervened.

Laverne explained the grandmother’s involvement might be a factor.

According to Laverne, Demi may be getting confused with the involvement of sharon since there wasn’t a “clear marked line” about who is really in charge. She said:

“I can see there isn’t a very clear marked line about who is in charge in the household in terms of the adults, is it mum that takes the firm line and sees that through or is it nanny? I think if I’m confused then Demi is going to be confused.”

Demi was well aware of her naughty side.

“Sometimes I wish I could kill her (naughty Demi), but there’s no way to kill her. She’s horrid,” the child said.

Fortunately, the kid changed after professional help.

In just six weeks, Demi’s behavior greatly improved. Although she still occassionally loses her temper, she’s more in control now and doesn’t become violent anymore.

Watch the video here:

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What would you advice Lisa if you were a friend? How do you handle your own children’s rages? Share your thoughts with us below.

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