Heartwarming Video Shows Stray Dog Getting Rescued From Frozen Lake

They formed a human chain to save the poor dog from the cold water.

  • A stray dog has recently been rescued from a frozen lake in chingqong, China.
  • A group of men formed a human chain, standing side by side and holding hands, to reach and pull the animal from the cold water.
  • Mr Liu, one of the onlookers, took the video and decided to adopt the dog.
  • The video went viral online, with many netizens hailing the men as heroes.

This is the heartwarming moment when a stray dog has been rescued from a frozen lake by concerned citizens. The video eventually went viral online.

In the said footage, we see several men forming a human chain to reach and save the distressed dog from the cold water.

This recently happened in Chongqing, a municipality in south-western China.
Things could have gone really wrong for this poor dog.

A certain Mr Liu captured everything on film. In an interview, he later shared:

“The ice couldn’t hold its weight and [the dog] fell into the water.”

Thanks to three brave men, the animal was saved from danger.

The men stood side by side and held hands to pull the dog from the freezing lake. Once saved, the dog stayed around with his rescuers and so Mr Liu, one of the onlookers, took the animal home and he has since been caring for it.

The men have been hailed as heroes on social media.

Naturally, numerous netizens expressed admiration for the heroic act. As one commenter wrote:

“This is amazing. Doggie, you are very lucky that you met this group of Good Samaritans!”

Another added:

“Thank you for your kind hearts. You saved a dog’s life.”

We couldn’t help but agree. Our hats are off for these gentlemen who boldly took the risk in order to help the pooch.

Watch the video here to see how it all happened:

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