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They Saw a Cooler Floating Down the River. What’s Inside it? Disturbing!





A group of friends decided to spend the last few days of their vacation having fun in the sun. What better way to enjoy summer than to go for a swim in a cool, relaxing river?

For a while, everything was peaceful and perfect, and they had everything they needed. The weather was great, they had their lawn chairs set on the shore, and everyone including their dog was having a great time.

But little did they know that something odd and ominous was about to happen.

It all started when the group noticed a white box floating down the river.


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As the water swept the object towards their direction, they recognized what it was.

It was an ordinary cooler with strips of duct tape tightly wrapped around it.


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Curious about what’s inside the cooler, they took it to shore.


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Why was the cooler taped shut?

It seemed like, whoever taped it shut didn’t want what’s inside of it to get out.


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But they were so curious, they had to open the box


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“It’s like Christmas!” says the man holding the camera.

One brave, adventurous friend took the liberty of peeling off the tape.


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The others just watched and nervously laughed.

“Open the hatch!” the cameraman shouted.

After peeling the second strip, the man bravely opened the cooler.


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Startled, they jumped back when they saw what’s inside!

Why would someone do that?


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Some of their friends who were unaware of what has been going on, approached them to see what the fuss was all about. One of the boys closed the lid so their lady friend could see for herself.

Probably with false bravado, the lady opened the water cooler.


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Both ladies were disturbed by what they saw.


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A doll was inside the cooler!


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Why would someone put it there and dump it in the river? And why do they have to tape the cooler shut? It’s not like the doll can crawl out of there in the first place, or could it? Whatever the reason is, I don’t think any of those people would like to find out.

If you were in their shoes, would you dare open that box?

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