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30 Crappy Life Hacks That Are Just Downright Hilarious





In the past, we’ve shared with you numerous useful hacks to help you enjoy a much easier and much comfortable life. So allow us to do the exact opposite right now – give you as many useless tips as we possibly can!

We recently stumbled upon a sub-Reddit called /r/ShittyLifeProTips and, to sum it all up for you, we can’t stop laughing! The hacks are absolutely hilarious we got teary-eyed just staring at the photos – from using a toilet seat to using a glass of water as a phone magnifier to many other stupid funny stuff.

Scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. Use a toilet seat to eat while watching TV.

You’ll always be ready to poop right after your meal.

#2. Tangled headphones? Put this to the test!

This makes perfect sense lol!

#3. Use your seat belt for opening a beer bottle.

But hey! Don’t drink and drive.

#4. Do the toilet roll tube selfie and pretend to be James Bond.

Source: reddit

… or the Moon!

#5. To save space and store more balls, cut your tennis balls in halves.

Source: reddit


#6. Wear this vest to protect your personal space.

Source: behance

No one would steal your wallet, too.

#7. Use a gun to sneak a chocolate bar into cinemas.

Source: imgur

Imagine the shock of security when they catch you.

#8. Use a glass of water as a phone screen magnifier.

Source: reddit

Go ahead. You know you wanna try it!

#9. Here’s how to keep your cake moist:

Source: reddit

My body would agree!

#10. Got holes in your socks? No need to buy new ones!

Source: imgur

Hell freakin’ yeah!

#11. When throwing the box of a new TV, put it on your neighbor’s side.

That way, you wouldn’t get robbed.

#12. Fill a glove with beans and place it on your baby’s back.

Source: reddit

Now you can watch your Netflix while he’s asleep.

#13. Heat your snacks up by using your laptop charger.

Source: reddit

I can’t even decide if this is plain genius or plain lazy!

#14. Use plastic bottle caps for your fruit.

Source: reddit

Well it does look kinda fancy.

#15. A good question to ask people.

Source: reddit

Be prepared to dodge punches and kicks tho.

#16. No more tears in the kitchen!

Source: reddit

Problem solved.

#17. Too lazy to iron your clothes? Gain more fat and get rid of creases instantly.

Source: reddit

I’m officially mind blown!

#18. Time-saving tip.

Source: reddit

Why did I never think of this before?

#19. No spoon? No problem!

Source: tumblr

Nothing can stop a hungry stomach.

#20. Bathroom tip to minimize your poop noise.

Source: reddit

I’m gonna try this at the office today!

#21. Use phones when there’s too much water in the rice.

Source: reddit

And I always thought it’s the other way around!

#22. Use your hood as a popcorn bowl.

Its surprisingly efficient.

#23. Tip for students:

Source: reddit

It works! Believe it!

#24. Instead of buying floor cleaners, use your cat.

Source: reddit

Yeah I know, animal advocates will probably disagree.

#25. Plug a surge protector into itself.

Source: reddit

It’s the formula for infinite power, baby!

#26. Ladies, take note!

Saves you time and money.

#27. Colorblind test.

Source: reddit

This is plain wicked!

#28. Too hot, you say? Try this!

Source: reddit

Butt-brella for the win.

#29. Just add water.

Source: reddit

Kidding aside, don’t do this!

#30. Finally, eat free at a restaurant using this trick.

Source: imgur

That’s pretty clever!

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