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24 Things From Japan That Can Be Useful All Around The World





Generally speaking, Japan seems to be very effective about skillfully combining functionality and design. In recent years, people all around the world have praised products from the “Land of the Rising Sun” for both performance and style.

In fact, there are a lot of things from Japan that could turn our lives around. Here are 24 of them.

1. Braille, a form of written language for blind people, on top of cans.

2. Chair socks.

3. Real milk has a small notch on top of the packaging.

4. The taxi’s back doors open automatically, making it a lot easier for passengers carrying heavy bags.

5. Cooling band-aids.

6. The easiest Christmas tree to install.
7. Overnight must-haves. 

8. Giant cup noodles for the mega hungry.

9. In order to purchase a vehicle, you need to prove to authorities that you have a parking space for your car/s.

10. Beauty gummies that have collagen and hyaluronic acid in it.

11. People lay out their futons to avoid mold.

12. Tree branches are being tied before winter to survive the heavy snow.

13. Felt balls used as air fresheners.

14. Public transport stops with a shield just in case of accidents.

15. People make unique snacks out of edible leaves.

16. A hotel room with a vending machine for your needs.

17. Brushes to make your house clean and spotless.

18. This cafe is open for 26 hours because 24 hours is too mainstream.

19. Eco-friendly toys instead of plastic and toxic ones.

20. A bag that absorbs the moisture from a wet umbrella to make it dry in no time.
21. Free toilet paper and printed information for you to read while in the restroom.

22. Jackets that you can wear like a backpack if it gets a little warmer.

23. Sparking shower.

24. Inflatable bathtubs and pillows.

Which of these items did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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