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24 Things From Japan That Can Be Useful All Around The World

We all need #4!

Generally speaking, Japan seems to be very effective about skillfully combining functionality and design. In recent years, people all around the world have praised products from the “Land of the Rising Sun” for both performance and style.

In fact, there are a lot of things from Japan that could turn our lives around. Here are 24 of them.

1. Braille on the top of drink cans.

2. Protect floors from scratches with these knitted socks for chair legs.

3. Real milk can be easily found with the help of a small notch on a packaging.

4. The back doors of taxis open automatically, making it a lot easier for passengers carrying heavy bags.

5. Cooling band-aids for fevers or the summer heat and warmers for cold winters.

6. A Christmas tree that can be installed in a second.
7. Single-use underwear and deodorizing wipes for when you need to spend the night at your office.

8. Giant cups of noodles.

9. You have to prove to the police that you have a free parking spot in order to buy a car.

10. Gummies with an anti-aging effect. It contains a large amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

11. When the weather is good, people air out their futons to prevent mold.

12. Before winter comes, the branches of old trees are tied to protect them from heavy snow.

13. Felt balls instead of air fresheners.

14. Public transport stops are shielded from the road.

15. In autumn, people eat fried maple leaves. In spring, they eat sugared cherry blossoms – and they eat lotus all year round.

16. Hotel room vending machines.

17. A giant toothbrush for house cleaning.

18. There may be more than 24 hours.

19. Parents buy safe and ecologically clean toys instead of plastic and potentially toxic ones.

20. Wet umbrellas are put in special cases that absorb moisture.

21. Free toilet paper and printed information for those who like to spend some time in the toilet.

22. Jackets with shoulder straps.

23. Shower nozzles with tablets that remove chlorine from water and turn your home into a spa.

24. Inflatable bathtubs and pillows for kids.


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1. And her parents just wanted a cute photo.


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