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This Couple’s Captivating Underwater Engagement Photos Are Literally Breathtaking!

Simply stunning!

Mini Malabanan





In the spring of 2013, Maikalani Dias and Leihaʻaheo Kamahele-Beeck accidentally met underwater while snorkeling in Oahu. Apparently, Maika’s face hit Leiha’aheo’s behind. Completely embarrassed by what happened, Maika apologised to Leihaʻaheo and their love story began.

Meanwhile the couple’s friends Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography wanted to capture underwater engagement photos. Of course, Maika and Leihaʻaheo were the perfect subjects for their project.

Maikalani Dias and Leihaʻaheo Kamahele-Beeck’s accidentally met underwater.


Because both Maika and Leihaʻaheo are experienced divers plus their love story started underwater, they agreed to do a difficult but one-of-a-kind engagement shoot.

Because of their interesting story, they chose an underwater engagement shoot.


“It would only seem appropriate to capture and celebrate the foundation of our relationship with these underwater images,” Leihaʻaheo  told the photographers.

Both are experienced divers. And they look so natural and perfect underwater.


Using 14mm and 35mm Canon lenses, Adam shot the couple as they floated to the surface. On the other hand, Shawn-Marie used a 50mm lens to capture the couple as they moved closer to the surface.

“The ocean ties us. It is the center of our story.”


Oahu-based designer Joelle Perry created the gowns the bride-to-be wore during the shoot. One of the gowns worn by Leihaʻaheo was Joelle’s actual wedding gown!

“It’s only appropriate to capture and celebrate the foundation of our relationship…”


“…with these underwater images.”


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Nurse Got the Shock of Her Life When She Discovered Her Dying Patient is Her Long-Lost Father!

A sudden twist of fate led a father and a daughter to meet for the first time!

Inah Garcia



Unexpected twists of fate sometimes occur, leaving us stunned and sometimes feeling lucky to have encountered such life-changing event. This is what happened to Victor Peraza and daughter, Wanda.

Victor, who has been battling cancer for a year and a half now has reached the final stages of his disease. He was rushed to Cavalry Hospital, and was assigned to the care of Wanda. Then the most interesting thing happened: they later found out that Victor is the long-lost father of Wanda!

Victor left Wanda, her sister, and her mother, shortly after Wanda was born in 1969. It was a huge mistake in the past, and we admire Wanda for embracing that there is nothing they can do about the past, but to forgive. It was a heartwarming moment between a father and a daughter. Wanda now has a family of her own, and has let her children meet their grandfather.

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Guy Has The Worst Reaction To His Wife’s Unexpected Pregnancy

His reaction was something we cannot decipher exactly – shocked, stunned, bummed, angry, disappointed?

Inah Garcia



Surprises are meant to crack us, spin us, and unleash our inner emotions. We've seen so many videos of surprise parties and news breakers, and the recipient of the surprise almost always has a luxuriously animated reaction. But not his video we found.

This woman is pregnant, and she decided to tell his husband about the big news using a beer bottle. She simply placed a label on the beer that said "Daddy's beer," and left it inside the fridge. When it was time for him to open the fridge, she got the camera rolling.

His reaction was something we cannot decipher exactly - shocked, stunned, bummed, angry, disappointed? It looks more of BUMMED - not really what you'll expect from a man who just received the baby news. Nonetheless, the way his face dropped was epic. It was hilarious, and we can't hep but want to watch more. We're curious about happened next after the tape stopped rolling. Did the couple had a fight or did the husband finally absorbed the new and rejoiced thereafter?

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Amazing Chinese Guy Quickly Solves Rubik’s Cube Using Only One Hand

Can you solve a Rubik’s cube?

Inah Garcia



Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? If you answered yes in a very sarcastic tone, then I bet you’d crumble in shame when you see this unbelievable video of Hao-Zheng Lin, a Taiwanese genius who can solve a Rubik’s cube in the most amazing ways. I dare you not to be amused.

Lin’s talent is truly exceptional. Solving a Rubik’s cube is mind-blowing enough, but being able to do it like he does is simply beyond astonishing! I mean, how is it possible for a human being to solve it using one hand, and interestingly, while juggling? It is indeed one of the sickest talents I have ever seen. I therefore conclude that he is either a robot of some kind, or a science experiment that is all too perfect. But seriously, this guy’s got talent, and the more I think about it, the more my brain (and heart) hurts.

Watch the video below.

So, how many “woah's" did you utter while watching him do his thing? Pretty amazing, right?!

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