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Foreign Vlogger Shows How Uber Ban Infuriates Filipino Commuters And Travelers

Foreign vlogger Nas shares his thoughts about the Uber ban in the Philippines and shows how the app has benefited many commuters.

The world economy might be more progressive this generation as more and more people are already able to afford to own a vehicle or even two. However, there is still a big fraction of every country’s population who rely on public transportation which, at times, make it difficult for most commuters to secure a seat on buses or trains or get a cab.

This problem in commuting gave birth to ride-hailing companies like Uber and Grab. These two apps are now widely used by millions of commuters from different parts of the word. However, with the protests coming from the cab drivers’ side, the use of Uber and Grab have been banned in some areas of the world and the public isn’t pleased at all.

The Philippines, for example, can be considered as one of those that religiously patronize the ride-hailing app. The government’s decision to stop all operations of Uber has the public in big trouble as they rely greatly on this app to get a prompt ride to and from their workplaces or schools. The Uber ban has also given Grab the opportunity to raise its rate, causing many car-less people to cry foul for overpricing.

Many Filipinos are now taking to social media to ask the government to lift the Uber ban.

Source: facebook

To help the government realize what they are taking away from millions of their people, a prominent foreign vlogger created a one-minute clip describing how Uber is way more beneficial for commuters than taxi rides. Nas Daily Page shared the video on Facebook where he described the world to be “moving backwards instead of moving forward” most especially when it comes to developing the transportation system. He also pointed out how foreign travelers in the Philippines prefer using Uber over cabs who charge them unfairly on taxi rates.

Nas is an Israeli vlogger and after some time of stay in the Philippines, he now complains about the Uber ban.

In the past years, there were already a lot of complaints coming from commuters about taxi drivers. Testimonies of being bullied or scammed by drivers can be seen all over social media and victims are begging for the government to lift the Uber ban.

One recent incident tells the story about a young woman getting a cab and was asked by the driver for almost 50 percent more of her supposed bill. Asking why she should pay such amount, the taxi driver said the traffic is too heavy from their current location back to the main town hence obliging the passenger to pay for the hassle. Defending her right not to pay for the return trip, the cab driver reportedly got furious and asked the woman to throw herself out of his taxi.

An Uber user shares her unfortunate experience with a rude taxi driver.

Other incidents like rape, kidnapping, robbery and even murder were already recorded involving unscrupulous taxi drivers. When ride hailing apps emerged, the commuters felt safer as these transportation vehicles are governed by private companies, hence giving the assurance of security.

The vlogger also pointed out how transportation-related crimes are slowly being eliminated through Uber and other apps, but cab drivers are still persistent on fighting for their sole right to commuting.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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