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Two Men had a ‘Conversation’ with their Dog While They were Stuck in Traffic!





Don’t you ever wish that your dog- your best friend and your loyal companion  can talk back and have a nice and meaningful conversation with you? I bet it would look rather ridiculous, but it would definitely help us understand them better and we wouldn’t have to be too bored at home when we’re alone with them. Imagine the movie “Cats and Dogs” back in 2001 and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” in 2008, so cute, right?

Well, some videos of “talking dogs” have recently gone viral over the internet. Have you seen Marc Metral’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent with his dog Wendy? That was clearly a clever and well-executed form of ventriloquism, but it was really fun to watch.

Then these French guys shared a spot in the limelight. In the video, you’ll see both men inside the car with a cute dog in between them. At first, the guy on the right talked to the dog in English and then after in their native tongue. Amazingly, the dog talks back and it seems to engage in a normal conversation while they were stuck in traffic!

I don’t understand what they were talking about (both the French and the “dog talk”) but its’s definitely entertaining!

Watch the video:

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H/T: SFGlobe

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