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Two Guys Decided To Follow The Popular Instagram Girls Day Out

How bromantic!






As diverse as social media can be, it can get boring sometimes. Seeing the same things over and over can get a little monotonous. That’s why two guys, Stevey and Doug, decided to fight it hilariously by having an “Instagram Girls Day Out.”

The buddies decided to take their road trip to the next level. Instead of doing what guys normally do during this kind of adventure, they chose to create the classic, Instagram-inspired stereotypical girls day out instead.

#funinthesun #sunflower

Stevey said:

“Doug came to visit for a couple days while he was back from BC. We had plans to go on a camping trip, but some appointments and tight schedules made us cancel it, so we had a free day. Doug was borrowing a sweet Dodge Challenger, so we decided to hit up a couple small towns in the area, do some hikes, have a pint and a bite.”

Road trip!


“I think the joke started once we drove past the sunflower field. There had been an article in the news about sunflower fields getting trampled in southern Ontario by people going in droves to get selfies, so it seemed topical. I think we were joking about hashtags and the idea for a ‘Instagram girl’s day out’ just sort of came together.”


#meditation #yogatags

“Based on how much fun we had and the reaction from the online community I think we will do another one. I think to keep everything balanced we should do a ‘stereotypical Instagram guy day out’ as well.”

#longflannelsandcoffee #sozenrn Not pictured is the amazing wood oven pizza we had at this cafe.


“Although a girls day out part two would probably be more enjoyable since part one seemed to be about just enjoying ourselves, relaxing and laughing. I think the girls are on to something! Also, brother Doug makes a great girlfriend.”

Looking forward to seeing their next adventure!

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Dad Goes On Hilarious Rant About His Daughter’s Eyebrows

“Never once in the history of man has one man said to another man, ‘mate, check out the eyebrows on her.’”




One dad has now gone viral after he turned on the cameras to poke fun at his daughter’s obsession with “bangin” eyebrows. His rant is hilarious and relatable at the same time, which is why the internet couldn’t get enough of it.

Gary Meikle unleashed a three-minute tirade on Facebook, complaining about 23-year-old Ainsley’s need to have the perfect brows. Little did he know that so many people shared his pain and his rant catapulted him to become an unofficial anti-brow ambassador.

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25 Maps That Are So Bad They’re Actually Good

I chuckled in #14.




For those who grew up pre-internet, you have definitely spent a lot of time exploring maps, be it for homework, personal knowledge, or simply out of boredom. You were memorizing countries, their capital cities, rivers, mountain ranges, flags, and dreaming of visiting them all.

However, now that you’re older and wiser, you realized that all these maps that you have spent countless hours looking at were not useful like you thought. Some are so hard to understand, and some don’t even make sense at all. Here are 25 terrible maps that are so bad they’re good.

1. After the flat earth theory, comes the cat earth theory.

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Funny Viral Photo Shows Woman Saving Cousin’s Engagement Photo With Her Manicured Nails

“My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done.”

Mark Andrew



Whenever we need some help, we often ask our close friends or family members to lend us a hand. This woman, however, did it quite literally as she saved the day for her cousin’s engagement photo – using her manicured hand!

As anyone can imagine, it’s definitely a sweet yet hilarious moment that captures the friendship between two relatives and how far they’re willing to go for each other. The photo eventually went viral on social media with many netizens sharing the post and leaving their comments.

“My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done,” wrote Jenna on Twitter.

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