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Twitter’s ‘Search Party’ Reunites Long-Lost Childhood Best Friends





The power of Twitter has been harnessed for good once again! Thanks to a crowdsourced search party, two long-lost childhood friends have been reunited.

Twitter user Bri @briannacry (Brianna Cry) took to the social media site asking other users to help her find a girl she had met during a short night of friendship back in 2006 on a cruise in Hawaii. And just like that, the Mississippi woman’s wish came true.

Brianna tweeted:

“Hey Twitter, I met this girl on a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2006. We were basically best friends for that night, so I need y’all to help me find my best friend cause I miss her and I need to see how she’s doing now. Please retweet this so we can be reunited.”

With everyone retweeting it, it was only a matter of time before her friend would show up.

Hours and many retweets and likes later, Twitter user @heii_tree posted a photo of herself holding a picture of her family on the cruise that night along with the message: “Heard you were looking for me.”

Brianna was quick to tweet back, “OMG OMG HEY GIRL HEY GIRL HEY!!” and “omg my heart is so happy.”

Understandably, netizens were curious if the girls have rekindled their friendship after the successful Twitter search party. Heii confirmed that she and Bri are communicating via private message but unfortunately may not be able to meet anytime soon.

“To everyone who’s saying @briannacry and I should meet up: I’m going to community college on financial aid I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Naturally, a Go Fund Me to help them cropped up almost immediately. But it appears to be a false flag operation, with Heidi cautioning that neither she nor Cry had been contacted about it yet.

Many Twitter users were hopeful that this Internet reunion would culminate in a real-life one soon. But for now, the two seem to be able to correspond with each other just fine.

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