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Transsexual Spends $1 Million On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie

Do you think she looks like a Barbie doll?

Every girl’s dream is to look like Barbie, a beautiful fashion doll that has been popular for more than six decades. This is despite the fact that the doll’s estimated vital statistics are 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips).

Sure, Barbie’s body proportions are unattainable naturally but many people are dreaming of looking like her, even with the use of plastic surgery.

One of the hopefuls, Nikki Exotika, a 35-year-old transsexual from Hoboken, New Jersey, has spent about $1 million on plastic surgery to transform every inch of her body into a real-life Barbie.

Nikki wanted to look like her buxom icon since she was four and she was obsessed with playing with dolls as a child.

When she reached the age of 19 years old, she had gender reassignment surgery and from then on, she underwent countless operations.

She had three nose jobs, reduction of her Adam's apple and two breast surgeries.

She said in a statement:

“My body has had gallons of silicone, I’ve spent a lot on changing everything from my head to my toes, breasts, and body.”

“But it’s all paid off, because while traveling the world everywhere I go people look at me and say ‘Wow, look at her body, she looks like Barbie’ and always want to take pictures with me.”

Today, she recalls that when she walks down the street, with her Barbie-like fashion sense, many people would say she looks like the iconic doll.

That made her feel good and accomplished.

She even said she’s unrecognizable now, especially when she looks at her old photos.

It's a total transformation as she wants every inch of her body to look like a Barbie doll.

She’s planning to get a pink BMQ convertible to complete her Barbie look. All that’s missing is a hot guy who looks like a Ken doll.

“I’m still optimistic on the relationship front, hopefully, one day I’ll find my Ken – I’m looking for a tall, super hot, straight muscular man, I love tattoos and pretty boys that look like Ken.”

Barbie Syndrome is a term used for a condition wherein people go through drastic measures just to look like the iconic doll.

This syndrome involves going under the knife, to the point where they need ribs taken out just to achieve the perfect Barbie doll figure and look.


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