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Topless Tourist Dies After She Hangs Out Of The Window Of A Moving Car

In this age of social media, there are lots of people who will do just about anything to record everything they do. Sadly, even safety is compromised for the sake of posterity. This mother was enjoying a holiday and hamming it up for the camera as she lets her upper body hang out of the car window; she was wearing nothing on top…then she hit a lamp post.

35-year old Natalia Borisovna Borodina from Moscow was having the time of her life during a holiday in the Dominican Republic. She was on the passenger side of the car. A camera was on her so she hammed it up while her friend was driving the vehicle.

She was wearing a bikini and she took the top off before hauling her upper body out of the window.

“The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car,” reported Moskovsky Komsomolets.

With her chest in full view, she proceeds to post for the camera, sticking her finger in her mouth and laughing.

Suddenly, her head smashed into a lamp post.

Watch the video:

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She was reportedly rushed to the hospital and died there due to “serious injuries.”

The video was taken while they were driving along a highway near Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was her friend Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, who was driving the vehicle.

It wasn’t clear whether Natalia was under the influence when the incident happened.

May this serve as a reminder to keep your body inside the car. No video or selfie is worth losing your life.

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