20 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Some countries stand out since they possess beauty you simply can’t fail to notice.

Different people find different things attractive about an individual. There are those who prefer someone who has a great sense of humor while there are others who love those with a free spirit or who sees the world differently, but it’s no secret that most attraction starts with someone’s physical beauty.

It is worth noting that we all have our own preferences, so there is no actual scientific way to prove that a girl looks prettier than others. Beautiful women can be found all over the world but some countries stand out since they possess beauty you simply can’t fail to notice, according to netizens who analyzed the most prominent beauty pageants, these are the 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

20. The Netherlands
19. Austria
18. Belarus
17. Jamaica
16. Australia
15. Brazil
14. Poland
13. Japan
12. Romania
11. Nepal
10. USA
9. Colombia
8. Indonesia
7. Puerto Rico
6. Thailand
5. Vietnam
4. The Republic of South Africa
3. Mexico
2. Philippines
1. Venezuela

It is worth noting that every woman is beautiful. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And although this is only based on netizens opinion and the number of wins in Miss Universe which resulted in this rank of countries with the most beautiful women in the world, it cannot give absolute proof on the perception of beauty. For example, not everyone falls in love with women with the ideal weight or height, nor a particular skin color.

That said, there is more to beauty than meets the eye. Being beautiful is not just based on how you look, but the way you treat other people and yourself which also shows the beauty of your heart.

It’s no secret that the definition of beauty has kept evolving. Like mentioned above, some look past the physical beauty and are more interested in an individual’s personality. Either way, with different countries and different cultures, beauty can be found both inside and out.

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