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Top 10 Driest Places In The World

Wow! I didn't expect that place to be #1.

Summer can be a fun season for most of us as it is the perfect time to go outdoors and do a lot of activities with friends and loved ones. If you’re a big fan of dry, hot weather then you might be surprised to know that there are places in the world where it’s always sunny and rain rarely comes. In fact there are some areas where rain hasn’t fallen in millions of years.

Scroll down below as we share with you the Top 10 Driest Places In The World starting with #10 down to #1.

#10: Aoulef, Algeria

Source: NASA

To begin with, Algeria is already known as a dry country. It gets even worse, however, when you get to Aoulef where it’s blazing hot since the small town is just a few miles away from the desert. Average rainfall in the area is at 0.48 inch every year.

#9. Pelican Point, Namibia

Source: dreamstime

Meanwhile in Pelican Point, average rainfall per year is even lower since it’s only at 0.32 inch annually. What makes the place unique is that it is a popular surfing spot.

#8. Iquique, Chile


Also situated near a desert – the legendary Atacama Desert – rain usually falls only between January and February in Iquique. When it does, they only get an average of 0.2 inch of rainfall each year.

#7. Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Source: NASA

Ever heard about the Sahara Desert? Well, Wadi Halfa is at the center of that. This desert town only gets about 0.096 inches of rainfall annually.

#6. Ica, Peru

Source: dreamstime

Meanwhile over at Peru, the dry region of Ica only averages at 0.09 inch in terms of yearly rainfall. This, however, wasn’t always the case. Besides, scientists discovered penguin fossils in the area which confirms it wasn’t always dry in the area.

#5. Luxor, Egypt

Source: dreamstime

Hot winds in Luxor usually bring a sandstorm that can last for up to two days. What’s worse, the storm carries air that can be as fast as 93 mph (150 kph) and temperature can shoot up to 20 degrees. Luxor’s average rainfall per year is at 0.034 inch.

#4.Aswan, Egypt

Source: dreamstime

Another Egyptian area where always hot and dry all year round is Aswan. Besides, this city is located pretty close to the Tropic of Cancer. Winds are at 100 mph (161 kph) and the place is known for being where the stones used for Giza pyramids were acquired. As for average rainfall, Aswan only gets about 0.0338 inch per year.

#3. Al-Kufrah, Libya

Source: NASA

Al-Kufrah is known as the “direst spot” in Africa. The area has very few oases and the desert nearby is covered by sand dunes of up to 980 feet in height.

#2. Arica, Chile

Source: dreamstime

Named as the driest city on the planet, it is quite ironic that Arica is actually a port city. The place has a high level of humidity but moisture usually do not make it to the ground. The annual rainfall average is at 0.03 inch per year but there are places in the desert where no rain has dropped for over 500 years.

#1. Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Source: Na

Surprise, surprise – the number 1 spot on this list belongs to Antarctica.

While many of us imagine the place as snowy, the Dry Valleys, as the name implies, is extremely dry and it is almost always without snow. Average rainfall in the area is 0.

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