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10 Disturbing Experiments Conducted In History

Perfect examples of curiosity that turned into madness.

Since time immemorial, experimentation has been a part of human nature. It’s our way of satiating our curiosity. Over the course of history, innovations were made through experiments.

As we all know, experiment often comes with a risk. However, there have been a few people that didn’t think about this in the history of experimentation. From creating a human monkey hybrid, to downright social media abuse, cringe with these disturbing experiments conducted in the history.

10. Human/Monkey Hybrid

Source: Pixabay

Back in 1900s, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, a (mad) scientist from Russia thought that making a crossbreed between a human and a chimpanzee was a great idea. With 13 female chimpanzees at his disposal, he injected them all with human sperm with hopes of impregnating them. Unfortunately for him, it failed. But it didn’t end there.

Ivanov tried his luck again by getting his hands on male chimpanzees. Things turned sour for the mad scientist when he began asking women to volunteer for his crazy shenanigans. Fortunately, his plan got shut down, forcing him to work as a low-class vet for the rest of his career.

9. Cruel dog experiments

Source: Pixabay

Unbeknownst to most people, Pavlov’s experiment that taught the dogs to salivate at a bell sound weren’t all rainbows and cupcakes. As a matter of fact, it hides a dark secret.

According to the reports, Pavlov achieved this terrible thing by conducting cruel experiments to the dogs. Contrary to the popular belief, Pavlov’s initial goal was actually to learn more about the digestive system. He didn’t care much about the dogs. So, he would use what he called “sham feeding” to the dogs where he would bore a hole in their throat so that they would never get full no matter how much they ate. He did this repeatedly, with the holes getting lower and lower, all just to study the mechanisms of the digestive tract.

8. Studying a guillotine victim

Source: Pixabay

For those who don’t know, a guillotine was a contraption used to execute people. The device consists of a tall frame with an angled blade that is raised to the top and suspended.

Despite the obvious distastefulness, it’s actually one, if not the most humane way to execute someone. But something happened that made them think about its mercifulness towards those who undergone decapitation.

Back in the days, when one executioner jestingly slapped the cheek of a decapitated head, it blushed. This piqued the curiosity of the science men back then.

Every time guillotine executions were conducted, researchers would run some tests in order to learn if there were any signs of awareness. Some experiments revealed that the heads were still able to blink for a short while after the decapitation. However, modern scientists believe that brain can only last a few seconds at most after getting beheaded so they thought that the study was actually pretty pointless.

7. The gruesome Japan unit 731

Contrary to what most people believe, the Holocaust isn’t the worst thing that ever happened from the World War 2. Not to undermine the hardships of the victims of the Holocaust, but the people that got the worst end of the stick during World War 2 were the subjects of one of the cruelest research facilities of all time.

Back in the times of World War 2, Japan built this place called the Unit 731. So, what made it different from a typical research facility, you ask? The thing that made it different was that the researchers were free to do whatever they want with their human test subjects without any ethical limitations.

In Unit 731, they conducted vivisections on live humans without even using any form of anesthesia. They would cut up people and study their vital organs. They would also even sew several body parts to their human test subjects and cut several important tendons to see what would be its effects on them.

6. Artificial Siamese twins

Josef Mengele, a doctor from the Nazi, became infamous back in the World War 2 because of his disturbing unsolicited medical experiments. However, one experiment of his stood out the most.

Back in his career, Mengele had a strange fixation with twins. One of his most disturbing experiments involved taking a healthy pair of twins and sewing them together in order to create fully functional Siamese twins.

5. Raising a Klingon child

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Somewhere in the US, a total nutcase of a man raised his son as a fluent Klingon speaker as a social experiment.

For those of you who don’t know, Klingon is a fictional language in the science fiction franchise Star Trek. According to the reports, the child still managed to learn English because his relatives around him thankfully talked to him in English. In an interview, the father said he only did this because he wanted to see what would happen when you raised a child with a completely fictional language.

4. Ingesting an infected broth

Barry Marshal, a Nobel Prize winner physician, had a trouble in convincing his colleagues that stomach ulcer was caused by bacterial infection back in the 1980s.

Because of ethical limitations, Marshal weren’t able to conduct human trials to prove his point. So, by the virtue of his very own hypothesis, he ingested bacteria to settle the argument once and for all. Fortunately, his theory was right. So technically, by making himself sick on purpose, he won a Noble Prize.

3. The Little Albert experiments

The Little Albert experiments were one of the most psychologically cruel series of experiments ever existed. It was conducted by a psychologist back then during the early stages of psychology.

According to the reports, the gist of the experiments was to find out if it is possible to associate noise with a child’s fear. The psychologist gave toys to Albert, the boy subject. Then, every time the baby was peacefully playing, the psychologist made loud and terrifying noises behind him in order to frighten him. The psychologist repeatedly did this to the point when the baby finally began associating the toys to the frightening experience. The kid ended up afraid of the toys for some time as a result.

2. Bacterial experiment on a major city

Source: Pixabay

Nobody denies the fact that conspiracy theorists can be absurd sometimes. However, we also have to understand that their reason for mistrusting the government came from something.

Sometime around the early ‘50s, the United States military conducted a test involving the bacterium Serratia Marcescens. The catch was that they did the test run at the city of San Francisco with the hopes of determining the amount of time it would take to spread bacteria should the enemies decide to wage a biological warfare.

1. Psychological experiment conducted by Facebook

Source: Pixabay

It goes without saying that Facebook is one of the most powerful influential tools in the world.

Unfortunately, back in 2012, Facebook tried to exploit this power by conducting a social experiment to its millions of users around the globe. The idea behind the experiment was to force emotions to their users by manipulating the amount of positive and negative posts to each account. When they got busted, their executives made an announcement and released a public apology.


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