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New Japanese Smartphone Prohibits You From Taking And Sending Nude Photos

This new device does not allow users to take and send “inappropriate” selfies.

Tone e20
  • Tone Mobile has released a new phone that does not allow users to take and send “inappropriate” pictures.
  • Called the Tone e20, the smartphone’s AI system works with the phone’s camera.
  • It is priced at US$180.

Parents these days want to safeguard their kids and teens from online scams, wherein they are threatened into sending nude photos of themselves. Now, here’s a good news: a low-cost provider in Japan has taken the wraps off its newest smartphone, dubbed Tone e20, that touts the so-called “Smart Protection” functionality.

This smartphone features an AI system that specifically works with the phone’s snapper, protecting the user from taking “inappropriate” pictures.

How does it function?
Tone Mobile e20

As soon as the user takes a photo, the device’s AI system automatically makes an analysis of the image to check out if it is deemed inappropriate, said a SoraNews24 report.

While information remains scarce with regard to where the line is drawn, the firm has specifically pointed out that this functionality does not let users take nude selfies.

Error Message Tone e20

Once the user tries to take such a photo, they will get an error message. The “inappropriate content” will then be discarded without being saved.

Improved security for minors
Tone Mobile e20 GPS

The company says the phone was developed in a bid to protect minors who may fall victim to possible online scams and coercion tactics that may ask them to take and send nude selfies.

It is interesting to note that the feature can be linked through an application to a parent or guardian’s smartphone. As such, when the teen takes a naked photo, the parent or guardian will receive a notification that comes with a pixelated thumbnail of the content, the GPS information as to where the attempt took place, plus the date and time of the picture.

Tone Mobile likewise explained that the pixelated thumbnail is not retained or sent to any of the firm’s devices or servers.

For interested buyers, Tone e20 costs ill carry a price tag of 19,800 yen (US $180).


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