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Adorable 2-Year-Old Toddler Builds Unlikely Friendship With Garbage Collector





For most of us, our first bestfriend will always be special. Regardless of obvious differences such as gender, values, and the likes, friendships that are built while we are young can have a huge impact in our lives.

This amazing young boy shows us all what it’s like to be a true friend.

Meet Deacon, a Texas two-year-old toddler who never misses the chance to catch up with his buddy O’Dee – their local garbage collector. Every now and then, Deacon would always be enthusiastic to wait for Mr. O’Dee’s truck to pass by so they can hang out and, of course, do the fist bump.

Sadly, Deacon’s family had to move to a bigger house and so the little boy had to bid his bestfriend goodbye. With a heavy heart, they finally said their farewells and exchanged fist bumps for perhaps the last time.

Watch the heartwarming video report here:

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Young Deacon is a fine example of what it’s like to be a genuine friend. Truly, friendship knows no boundaries – not even age, gender, or status in life. Respect to him, his family, and to Mr. O’Dee!

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