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This Tiny Cottage By The Sea is Perfect if You Dream of a Cozy, Coastal Lifestyle

This 320-square-foot home proves that size doesn’t really matter.


Being the typical home persons that some of us are, we just couldn’t leave the comforts that we have at home. As they would say, “Home is a not a place but a feeling,” and indeed, we feel different sorts of emotions when we are inside our favorite spot – at home. This is one of the reasons why we beautify and improve our place. Those who have the means spend more to live in  big and grand houses while some would settle for a simple yet comfortable one.

The owner of this house did quite an awesome job coming up with these and sure is a master of maximizing space and turning it into a hotel-like haven. A 320-square-foot cottage is not so much but this is just genius! We can only imagine how they managed to fill up everything inside,a whole lot at that.

It looks so little and simple from the outside.


But, look closely and I guarantee that this place is paradise!


So cozy and perfect for a bedroom.


Breakfast in bed and a good book to match it would be great.


Anything you can think of is perfectly in place despite the tiny space.


And look at that view!


You can have any meal you want on the deck too.


You sure can’t miss this place if you’ve ever been to Whitsand Bay in UK.


The magnificent view of the sunset can be your little piece of heaven.


What a sight to behold!



Just great!



Now you tell me,who needs a big house?


This place got me feeling like getting a pen and paper,adding this to my Bucket List and be in this place instantly.

Home & DIY

This Guy Spoiled His Dog With This Awesome DIY Project! Wow, this is really COOL and SPECIAL!

This man must really love his dog.

When dogs get older, they need the best care they could get to keep themselves healthy as they struggle with fatigue, arthritis and other health problems.

One man made something special for his old Labrador retriever that was feeling hot and tired during a hot summer day. His 13-year old dog was digging up flower beds to find a cool place to stay. So, he thought about building her a well-ventilated dog bed using materials he found around the house.

He made an incredible air-conditioned bed for his old dog out of frozen water bottles, PVC pipe and fans. His amazing invention provided his dog cool air by about 10 degrees making the dog feel comfortable while he lies on the comfy makeshift bed. The DIY dog bed project was posted on Reddit where other netizens were able to share their ideas on how to make the invention more comfy and efficient.

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Home & DIY

He Put a Mason Jar Inside an Empty Soup Can. When You See Why, You’ll Want To Give It a Try!

Need a Safe Place to Hide Small Valuables? Watch This Cool Video.

Using few tools that you can easily find at home, you can also create your own awesome secret safe in just 10 minutes! It's a cool way to hide your valuables. You can safely hide it away in plain sight. By simply twisting the top of the can, it will reveal the secret compartment.

Here's what you need:

  • a can of soup
  • a mason jar that fits in your soup can
  • a hot glue gun
  • a can opener
  • some expanding foam

What's awesome about this is that, these cans are very difficult to tell apart from the genuine product. It even weighed like an ordinary unopened can. You can store it in your pantry with all the other soup cans and anyone won't even tell the difference. It's an awesome way to stash some extra cash and small valuables such as jewelry and important memory cards that contains "confidential" data.

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Home & DIY

How To Peel An Entire Bag Of Potatoes In Under 60 Seconds

Your life will become so much easier with this. Trust me.

There's a several delicious delicacies you can make out of potatoes - cheese fries, tater tots and potato salad, to name a few - but peeling them isn't that much fun. Although this kitchen task is not really hard, and it doesn't require even the slightest degree of culinary skill, it just consumes a lot of time.

Glad to know it doesn't have to be that way. A master potato-peeler has surfaced on the internet, and he's taught the world how to peel an entire bag of potatoes in under 60 seconds. Not only does this trick save you a lot of time, it also looks like fun. Plus, this guy's way of peeling potatoes lets you feel like a badass while feeding a crowd at the same time. What could be better?

Watch the video to see this trick in action.

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