NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow, Dumped by Ms. Universe Due to Lack of Sex

Admit it or not, there are certain stereotypes we associate with groups of people. Generally we judge the jocks, the athletes as having more robust and action-packed bedroom experiences given their status and popularity. However, NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow, defies this stereotype by remaining a virgin and was quoted as saying that he was saving himself for marriage.

In fact, this vow of chastity has cost him his relationship with model and former Ms. Universe, Olivia Culpo. According to NY Daily News, Culpo broke off their 2-month relationship because she couldn’t take Tebow’s abstinence for sex.

The hunky quarterback, and his "goddess"

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It is notable that Culpo was also the reason why Nick Jonas gave up his vow of chastity. Nick along with his brothers Kevin and Joe wore chastity rings before, but in the course of his 2-year relationship with the model and beauty queen, he took off his ring denoting that he has gotten some nookie action already.

Culpo’s charms didn’t work their magic on Tebow though, as he still preserves his virginity for “The One”. Some media sources state that Tebow was totally head over heels in love with Culpo, even sending her love letter and notes professing his love for her. Well we do hope he finds someone with the same values and live out a happy relationship. After all they say that worldly riches can be inherited, but a good and loving partner in life is God-given.

All in God's time. Tim Tebow famously praying before one of his matches.

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