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Three Lions Protect 12-Year-Old Girl from Kidnappers in Africa

Animals can be more humane than humans.

Lions aren’t exactly known for being caring, solicitous animals particularly around food, and especially not in the wild. Which is exactly why this incredible story about a trio of amazing cats guarding a young human from predators will make you sit up and read on.

In this story, it isn’t the wild animals who’re scary. It’s the humans and their basic lack of humanity who end up the bad guys in this tale.

Ethiopian police reported a pride of lions helped them to rescue a 12-year-old girl from kidnappers who may have raped her, sold her to human traffickers for use as a sex slave, or worse, murdered her and left her remains for the wild animals to get rid of.

Human trafficking remains unchecked in rural Africa.


The girl was apparently on her way home from school in rural Southwestern Ethiopia when four men snatched her from the road and took her with them. The girl’s parents contacted the police when their daughter didn’t show up and a search call went up.

Police search for the missing girl.


Source: Goolgule

Unfortunately, no one witnessed the kidnapping and there were no leads to follow at all. The search went on for a week to no avail, and little by little, they lost hope of ever finding the missing child.

Until a week later when reports surfaced a pride of lions had something curious in their midst.

Police came to check and came upon a trio of lionesses guarding the hungry, disheveled, but otherwise unharmed girl.

These three ferocious felines made the most unlikely guardian angels.


Source: Shutterstock

The wild cats backed off and silently left as soon as the police arrived, almost as if they were waiting for the humans to come and rescue their charge.

The amazing tale unfolded when the child recounted how the lionesses encountered the kidnappers and gave chase, driving them away from her.

Not something you see everyday.


The feral animals then surrounded her and kept her from harm, warming her from the cold at night and guarding her during the day. Miraculously, they never harmed her one bit.

Even better still, the police caught all four kidnappers, thanks to the girl’s testimony.



Source: William Oeri

This incredible story has gone viral all over Africa. Would humans have done the same for an animal in danger?

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50 Times Cats Hilariously Crashed Nativity Scenes and Didn’t Even Regret It

All the more reason to like and love these beautiful creatures.


Cats are without a doubt among the cutest animals in the world. Some of us love their fur while others simply fall in love with their felines’ eyes. Either way, there is really a lot to like and love.

Apparently, we all know that cats have this weird habit of squeezing themselves into anything small or tight. They may try to force themselves into your lap while working. There are others who, despite the awkward space, will have no qualms invading it.

We here at Elite Readers thought it would be interesting to see a compilation that features these feline creatures. This time around, though, we will feature the ones where they crashed nativity scenes. Besides, Christmas is only several days away, and these scenes are exactly what you want to see.

Check them out below and you will love how “purr-fect” they are!



Source: becholmes1

Source: Reddit


Source: brap




Source: karina898



Source: Mark Tindale






Source: Quint Smith


Source: mittensquish


Source: SuzanneR

Source: Seekr12

Source: fonduekisses

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Cops Kill Family Dog In Front Of Children, Force Owner To Cut Its Head Off Or Go To Jail

Imagine the trauma the family was put through.

Two Georgia police officers ordered a dog owner to cut his pet’s head off after it was shot. In the country, cutting off the head of a dog is a standard procedure when testing the canine for rabies at health departments. Cops may have violated proper procedures yet power won over justice as the owner beheaded his pet in the end.

The horrifying incident was recorded by the dog owner, Joe Nathan Goodwin. The video was later submitted to the Free Thought Project and started to circulate online this weekend.

Big Boy is Joe Nathan Goodwin’s dog that was shot by a Gerogia cop last weekend.

According to the owner, one of the police was in Goodwin’s property when the dog allegedly attacked the officer. The cop then reportedly had no choice but to shoot it.

As Goodwin got into a discussion with the police, he can be seen in the video refusing to cut off the dog’s head. Not to mention, his kids were then watching from afar so he did not want to do what he’s told.

This man though, who claims to be an investigator, forced Goodwin to decapitate his dog.

Source: youtube

Another officer, Hollis, who can be seen in the video wearing a purple shirt, showed up at the scene. He asked Goodwin to bring out the dog’s shot records but the latter couldn’t produce them immediately. This was when the police officers and Goodwin started to debate until force was used to make the owner comply with their demand.

Since Goodwin refused to do as he was ordered, he was assaulted by the cops.

Source: youtube

Goodwin’s right to refuse any unlawful order was clearly violated. Hollis then started to threaten Goodwin saying:

“I tell you what…I will take you to jail and charge you.”

This was when Goodwin asked what the cops will charge him with as it is clear to him that he is not violating any law. The cop then answers hastily saying:

“When I get there, I’ll give you the charges. We asking you to cut…remove the dog’s head.”

Goodwin lost the argument as cops threatened to put him in jail if he did not behead his dog.

Source: youtube

Goodwin still refuses to cut his dog’s head and insists he is not going against any law in doing so. Apparently, this provoked Hollis to throw Goodwin into his truck while saying:

“I’mma tell you something right now. I’m investigator Hollis. You’re not gonna talk to me nor my deputy like that.”

The deputy didn’t stop the assault but rather added to show their ignorance of the law and proper procedures:

“We don’t know this process either. If it was my dog, I couldn’t cut the head off either. I will shoot any dog that comes my way…your dog come at me twice.”

The incident left the family traumatized and as the news about the assault broke, Crawford County Sheriff’s Office promised to investigate Hollis’ actions.

In the end, the officers were able to push Goodwin to do the heartless act. According to Georgia law, though, this is an unacceptable incident.

It is noted in the country’s law that the submission of brain tissue for rabies testing should be coordinated with the environmental health section of the health departments or animal control agencies. Also, only professionals with proper protective gear should extract the specimen. What happened to Goodwin was clearly against all of these procedures and he might have been placed at the risk of acquiring a rabies-based disease.

Below is the video of the incident recorded by Goodwin. Warning: the video is too graphic for young children to watch.

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Woman’s Mouth ‘Impregnated’ With A Dozen Baby Squid After Eating Calamari

Are you ready to become pregnant with baby squids through a sumptuous calamari meal? This woman is certainly not.

Who would have thought that someone can become pregnant – not by a human but by another species – from simply eating your favorite food? It’s human nature to have food cravings and indulge yourself in meals to the point that some of us couldn’t stop chewing until we become “food pregnant.” Becoming literally pregnant, though, out of your food addiction is another story, but it actually happens and another case of this just emerged recently.

A Korean woman experienced one of the most unusual effects of eating food. She became literally “pregnant” after consuming a common squid meal favorite — calamari. The 63-year-old complained of sharp pain in her mouth and that was when doctors found out that her mouth had become impregnated with 12 baby squids.

According to reports, the unnamed woman was eating a piece of squid that though partially cooked, still had its internal organs intact. She quickly felt an intense pain in her mouth, making her spit out the food. However, she continued to feel some “prickling and foreign body” in her mouth, hence deciding to go for a checkup.

It might be hard to enjoy another calamari meal after finding out that it can impregnate you.

From the woman’s hospital records, doctors reportedly discovered a number of “baby cephalopods” or baby squids attached to the interior of her mouth. The creatures, later identified as “squid spermatophores,” are actually sacks that are equipped with some sort of an apparatus that can forcefully release sperm. The cement-like material then secures itself to a wall, which in the case of the woman, is her tongue’s mucous membrane, cheek, and gingiva.

A spermatophore apparently has an apparatus that can shoot sperm when chewed.

Despite the squid being boiled before cooking, the sperm or “cephalopod spermatophores” were still alive and they penetrated the woman’s oral cavity during consumption. It is believed that chewing the sack was what prompted them to shoot sperm, which was then embedded in the woman’s oral cavity. Apparently, the mouth is just one of the few places that spermatophores could penetrate.

Despite being brought to a boil, the spermatophore survived and left sperm in the consumer’s oral cavity.

Danna Staaf, a squid aficionado from Science 2.0, elaborates on the incident, sharing her own experience, saying:

“The skin on your hands, and most of the rest of your body, is much too thick to get stuck. I’ve probably had hundreds of spermatophores [discharge] on my fingers and never felt a sting.”

After an excruciating pain, the scientific paper from the National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland, reported that the baby squids were finally detached from its Korean host. It stated:

“Twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms stuck in the mucous membrane of the tongue, cheek, and gingiva were completely removed, along with the affected mucosa.”

So be extra cautious the next time you eat any squid meal to avoid hosting baby squids in your mouth.

While it seems extraordinary to experience such kind of “pregnancy” out of food, the woman’s story isn’t actually the only case in the world. Several incidents of spermatophores impregnating oral cavities were reported in Japan. However, the Korean’s case is considered unique as it is the first that happened after consuming a parboiled squid while the other cases were reported from eating them raw.

Another case of squid insemination was documented by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, after the patient had eaten raw seafood. This time the doctors noted that the biopsy showed that “the sperm bags of the squid had thrust into the squamous epithelium (inner lining) of the patient’s hard palate (roof of the mouth).

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