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Three Lions Protect 12-Year-Old Girl from Kidnappers in Africa

Animals can be more humane than humans.

Lions aren’t exactly known for being caring, solicitous animals particularly around food, and especially not in the wild. Which is exactly why this incredible story about a trio of amazing cats guarding a young human from predators will make you sit up and read on.

In this story, it isn’t the wild animals who’re scary. It’s the humans and their basic lack of humanity who end up the bad guys in this tale.

Ethiopian police reported a pride of lions helped them to rescue a 12-year-old girl from kidnappers who may have raped her, sold her to human traffickers for use as a sex slave, or worse, murdered her and left her remains for the wild animals to get rid of.

Human trafficking remains unchecked in rural Africa.


The girl was apparently on her way home from school in rural Southwestern Ethiopia when four men snatched her from the road and took her with them. The girl’s parents contacted the police when their daughter didn’t show up and a search call went up.

Police search for the missing girl.


Source: Goolgule

Unfortunately, no one witnessed the kidnapping and there were no leads to follow at all. The search went on for a week to no avail, and little by little, they lost hope of ever finding the missing child.

Until a week later when reports surfaced a pride of lions had something curious in their midst.

Police came to check and came upon a trio of lionesses guarding the hungry, disheveled, but otherwise unharmed girl.

These three ferocious felines made the most unlikely guardian angels.


Source: Shutterstock

The wild cats backed off and silently left as soon as the police arrived, almost as if they were waiting for the humans to come and rescue their charge.

The amazing tale unfolded when the child recounted how the lionesses encountered the kidnappers and gave chase, driving them away from her.

Not something you see everyday.


The feral animals then surrounded her and kept her from harm, warming her from the cold at night and guarding her during the day. Miraculously, they never harmed her one bit.

Even better still, the police caught all four kidnappers, thanks to the girl’s testimony.



Source: William Oeri

This incredible story has gone viral all over Africa. Would humans have done the same for an animal in danger?


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