Online Store Selling Ridiculous $650 ‘Thought Box’ To Help People Think

The product claims to promote "mental efficiency" by providing users with "personal space" to simply think.

A British online store just went viral recently after offering a strangely interesting product: a black cardboard box that apparently ‘allows’ people to think.

Aptly named the ‘Thought Box’, this limited edition item is being sold by The Form Emporium in their website with a price tag of around $650.

Yes, folks, you read that right. It’s literally just a black box. Understandably, the product is so far receiving a lot of ridicule from netizens everywhere.

Source: Form Emporium

In their official website, Form Emporium described it as follows:

“The Thought Box is an original and curious piece of furniture that promotes mental efficiency in the user… It is intended as a personal space in which to simply think.”

Source: Form Emporium

How does it exactly work, you ask? The site continued:

“Simply lift up the seat by the handle, thus freeing the unit, then sit on the stool and place the box on your head.”

Source: Form Emporium

Thought Box also comes with “ear plugs and 5 interchangeable (and washable) colored filters” which makes it possible for users to pick a filter depending on their mood. Furthermore, we learn that its internal plastic helmet is adjustable to fit different head sizes.

British broadcaster Jeremy Vine posted about the product on Twitter, writing:

“Not On The High Street is selling this “Thought Box” for £495 – with the idea being when you need to think, you sit on the stool and put the box on your head to gather your thoughts.

Hmm… are you tempted to get one?!”

Source: Form Emporium

It didn’t take long until netizens began replying with one saying “the loo always proved just as effective,” and another adding that the box will give a buyer the needed personal space on how “dim” they were to “waste that kinda money.”

The bad news for interested buyers, however, is that Thought Box is already sold out at the moment.

So yeah… Like seriously? People are buying THAT?

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