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Man Fell From The 3rd Floor, Landed With A Thud Then Simply Stood Up Unharmed





How would you react if you witnessed someone fall from the third floor of a shopping mall? For sure you will freak out as you imagine the gruesome image and the amount of blood you will see if you look down. Maybe, you will be shocked as your mind tries to process the horrible accident you just witnessed. Some people would probably panic and would not even bother to look down, afraid that they won’t be able to take the gruesome sight.

Some people in this mall were totally horrified when they witnessed a man fall from the third floor. They heard a loud thud and someone screaming in pain. They hurriedly ran to check the victim but what they saw literally left them speechless and in a state of disbelief. The man appeared alright, although limping a little and groaning out of pain.

It turns out, the elaborate prank was a subversive promotion by Youtube’s top magical prankster, Magician Rahat for the film Rest in Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) Rahat re-enacted a dramatic scene from the movie where two characters falls from a third story and simply walk away.

Watch the viral video:

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