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These 12 Amazing Staircases Make Elevators And Escalators Look Boring





Many people dislike staircases because they are strenuous, boring, and cause too much hassle. Well, these people have not seen these cool staircases from different parts of the world.

If you are one of those people, then prepare to get your minds blown by these 12 impressive staircases. Today, we feature 12 of the world’s amazing staircases.

1. Bueren Mountain, Belgium

Bueren Mountain is not really a mountain, but a mountain-sized stairway in Belgium formerly used by soldiers in 1881 to avoid dangerous alleys.

2. Stairs Above the Sea, Spain

The name says it all. Locate in the island of Gaztelugatxe, Spain, this staircase leads to the 10th-century hermitage on top of the island, with overlooking views of the beautiful sea.

3. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains, China

Prepare to be dizzy. This 300-foot spiral staircase located in Linzhou, China offers the thrilling experience of hiking and mountaineering without the danger of actually going on a hike.

4. Awaji Hyakudanen, Japan

In memorial of the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995, the Japanese built the Awaji Hyakudanen, which is a complex array of building and architecture decorated with gardens and staircases.

5. Moses Bridge Stairs, Netherlands

If Moses parted a sea, the Moses Bridge Stairs in Netherlands parts a dam. The staircase bridge was cleverly constructed that it is almost an invisible bridge, partially submerged in water.

6. Canyon Steps, Ecuador

Canyon Steps is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ecuador. This great staircase lets you have a closer view of the Paílón del Diablo waterfall.

7. Chand Baori, India

Located in the village of Abhaneri, Rajasthan, India, the Chand Baori is the deepest and most significant step wells in India.

8. Santorini Stairway, Greece

The Santorini Stairway is perhaps one of the most famous staircases in the world. Enjoy the beautiful view of Greece through this fantastic stairway.

9. Schlossberg Stairs, Austria

Experience the tremendous 360-degree view of Graz, Austria by going up the Schlossberg Stairs!

10. Potemkin Stairs, Ukraine

Deemed as the formal admission into the city, the full Potemkin Stairs in Ukraine is the best-known symbol of the town of Odessa.

11. Haiku Stairs, Hawaii, USA

The Haiku stairs located in the Hawaiian island of O’ahu is one of the longest and steepest hiking trails in the country.

12. Bridge-Stair, Switzerland

This bridge in Switzerland is a very unique architectural creation as it is a suspended footbridge and a staircase rolled in one.

These amazing staircases make elevators and escalators look boring!

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