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The Five Monkeys Experiment Perfectly Illustrates Our Resistance to Change

Have you ever wondered why people do things for no good reason?

Sara Martinez





Have you ever wondered why people do things for no good reason? Ever looked around and wondered how habits and obscure social norms formed? Have you ever asked the why of a norm or a practice and you were told: Because “this is the way things are done around here”?

The 5 monkeys experiment reminds ourselves to question why we perform certain behaviors.

The Banana Experiment

The metaphor and the lessons that apply to work are clear. Despite the exhortations from management to be innovative and collaborative, cold water is poured on people and their ideas whenever someone tries something new. Or, perhaps worse, the other employees suppress innovation, and learned helplessness spreads throughout the firm.

Why Do You Do, What You Do?

Have you ever been in an environment where things are done a certain way only because “…it’s always been done that way“…? Or, perhaps, are you leading that environment?

Moving the thought from the group to the individual: What things do you personally do primarily because that’s the way it was done before you? Could it be that that’s the way you were taught? Or, you’ve simply recreated the same performance environment you played in?

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Rich Man Took $5K Bank Loan With His Ferrari as Collateral. Find Out His Odd Reason!

How does “working smart” beats working hard? Find out this rich man’s secret!

Kris Evangelista



In life in order to be flourishing and successful you have to be intelligent, smart and hard working.

It’s a formula to success, it will be close to impossible to be successful without hard work, creativeness or skill used in a higher level.

Let stories like this inspire you or perhaps give you an idea about being one step ahead all the time. Sometimes life is like a chess game, you must always have an idea about the next perfect move to take.

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Woman Gets Wise Advice from Grandma After Husband Cheats On Her

Grandmother asked this one question to her granddaughter who has a cheating husband. Inspiring story!

Inah Garcia



Grandmothers are the best friends we hope we could keep forever. They are wise, straightforward and truly loving. Obviously, they've lived longer than us and so they have a lot of experiences and wisdom to share with us.

In the story below, a grandmother showed her granddaughter how the same level of adversity can change a person and thus made us think how we are as problem solvers. Take a read for it sure is going to be worth it.


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This Blind Mystic Who Predicted 9/11 and the Rise of ISIS Has a Terrifying Vision for 2016

Her followers claim 85% of her predictions came true. Hopefully, her visions for this year won’t.

Ann Moises



Many people have sought the help of soothsayers to tell them of their fates every year. Regardless if it is about their careers or personal lives, they want to get a glimpse of the future---an idea of the possible events that may occur and change their lives.

But, are you 100% certain that you want to know about your destiny? What if it is not as bright and positive as you hope it would be? How would you react if they tell you an information that is so frightening?

The late Baba Vanga foretold some cataclysmic events this 2016. And it doesn't sound good, especially to the Europeans.

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