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The Biggest Design Trends of 2016

Some of this year’s biggest design trends shout out to the past, while others leap forward into the future!

Mich Escultura





The year is about to end, and it’s once again time for the “Best of 2016” lists to come out. Of course, no “Best of 2016” list would be complete without a list of the biggest design trends that hit the art world this year. So what’s it going to be this year? Calligraphy? Watercolor? Minimalism? Or, God forbid, the return of Comic Sans? Keep reading below to find out!

1. Color overlays.

Source: Spotify

Color overlays instantly change the mood of a photograph by using only a few colors.

2. Neo-memphis design.

Source: Nate Tate

These are quirky, brightly colorful, geometric shapes reminiscent of the 80s that have come back in style for many product brandings.

3. Even more minimalism.

Source: Eli Schiff

Notice how the icons on your phone used to be a little more 3D, but they’re now flat with very minimal colors? Minimalism is actually quite easy on the eyes, which is why it has become such a huge trend this year.

4. Going retro.

Source: Kodak

Many brands are now bringing back the classic logos. In reality, there are many classic logos that never should have changed. So if you share that opinion, then you must have loved this trend.

5. The blend of digital and physical drawing.

Source: Wacom

With the launch of technology that allows users to feel like they’re actually drawing, the divide between physical drawing and digital drawing is becoming blurred.

6. Competitive design software.

Professonal design software used to mean the entire Adobe suite. These days, new design software with a wider array of expansions and tools are becoming common in the design industry.

7. AI art.

Source: PSFK

Creative tasks are no longer exclusively in the realm of human minds. According to Wired founder Kevin Kelly, companies are already using AI to automate the intelligent and creative tasks traditionally done by web designers. Yikes!

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Jaipur’s Submerged Jal Mahal: A Curiously Amazing Water Palace

There is nothing like this palace!




Lying submerged in the middle of an artificial lake in the City of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India, is an uncanny palace called Jal Mahal, or Water Palace. It is a five-floor building, yet only the uppermost floor is visible as the four floors remain underwater when the lake reaches its maximum level.

Weirdly enough, the palace has no livable rooms, as it is primarily composed of corridors and gardens where the then ruler of Jaipur enjoyed strolls. Its architectural design adds to the uniqueness of the palace, being influenced by both Hindu and Persian architecture.

Jal Mahal stands in the middle of the man-made lake, flaunting its sand-colored glory.

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The 17 Winners of the Best New Building Awards

According to the annual A+ Awards by Architizer, these are the world’s best new buildings.

Mich Escultura



It's always an architect's challenge to design buildings that are functional and beautiful at the same time. And to honor creations that have fulfilled these two requirements, design website Architizer created the annual A+ Awards.

The winners for each of the 113 categories were selected both through voting and by a jury. Here are the jury's winners.

1. Best Small Private Home

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My favorites would have to be #1 and #8!

Mark Andrew



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To give you an idea, we are featuring 20 brilliant solutions that will truly impress you much. Personally, I’m mesmerized by #1 and I’m blown away by #8!

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