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Old Man in Shabby Clothes Ignored at Store, Shocks Everyone When He Buys Harley With Cash

An old man wearing shabby clothes and flip flops was initially ignored by the salespeople at a shop selling motorcycles in Thailand.

We’ve all been told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We have also been warned, “Looks can be deceiving.” Despite these wise words, many people still tend to judge others based on their appearance. In a perfect world, this shouldn’t be the case. However, this was initially what happened to an old man dressed in shabby clothes.

An elderly man walked into a shop called Maxsingburibigbike (also known as Maxsingburi Bike Shop) in Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan in the province of Sing Buri, Thailand. He was dressed in clothes that were noticeably old while wearing flip flops. The salespeople at the shop assumed that he was just there to look at the motorcycles. Before they even talked to him, they concluded that he would not buy anything. To them, it probably looked like he wasn’t even carrying money with him.

He couldn't care less about what he wore.

According to Thailand-based news site Sanook, the elderly man in shabby clothes spent a considerable amount of time looking at a Harley Davidson motorcycle that cost around 600,000 baht (around $17,361).

Many salespeople were fixated on the man's "poor" appearance.

Since salespeople were still basically ignoring him, the old man called the attention of the shop’s owner. Thankfully, the owner of the shop gave the shabbily-dressed elderly man his attention. One can imagine how surprised the store’s sales crew wwere when the old man and the owner ended up talking for 10 minutes.

He closely inspected a Harley Davidson motorcyle.

What happened next surprised everyone even more. After he had asked the shop owner every question he had about his chosen motorcycle, the old man then proceeded to bring out the 600,000 baht — in cold hard cash, no less. Everybody was stunned that he had that amount of money with him. Looking at him, you truly would never have thought that he had a single baht on him.

He checked out how the big bike would feel.

The elderly man had stunned the people at the store. Some people who were there took a photo of the old man and shared it on their Facebook pages. Of course, the store also featured the story on its Facebook page. The tale soon went viral — so much so that the store took down their original post because some comments with the wrong information caused confusion and needless controversy.

The man looked different when he went back to the store.

Sanook reported that the elderly man’s sister identified him as “Lung Decha.” In a Facebook comment, she revealed that her brother was actually just a simple man who is not rich. She said that he was a hardworking man who didn’t have any vices. It turns out that the elderly man had worked as a mechanic. Now that he was retired, he wanted to fulfill one of his ultimate dreams. He had long wanted to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Since he had a significant amount of money saved from all his years of working, he finally decided to indulge himself.

He's a cool guy no matter what he wears.

As a matter of fact, the elderly man later went back to the store to have some customized features done to his Harley Davidson motorcycle. The shop owner expressed that he was once again honored by the old man’s presence. This time around, the old man was all smiles and was dressed in biker fashion. He looked every inch as cool as he already was.

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