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This Boy Got Impaled On An 8-Inch Metal Spike While Climbing A Gate To See His Friend

Miraculously, the kid survived!


Parents, do warn your kids not to try any stunt like this – or they might end up regretting it. This recently happened in Thailand and the photos circulating online are absolutely disturbing.

11-year-old Tharathep Wanacharoenlap climbed over a gate to see his friend but unfortunately, he got impaled through the neck on one of the gate’s metal spikes!

According to reports, the schoolboy slipped at the top because the gate was wet from a recent rain.

The rusty spike was 8 inches in length.


Good thing it missed the boy’s arteries!


A passerby eventually saw him and immediately called for help.


Natarit Noonpradate, a photographer who documented the incident, said:

“He climbs over the gate every day to visit his friend.

“His mum told me his friend is too lazy to come and open it for him as it’s about 800 metres from the home.

“This time it was wet and slippy because there had just been a rain storm. He reached the top and slipped.

“After the mistake he put his arms around the top and held himself for ten minutes. When a neighbor saw him they came and supported to take off the weight.

“The gate is about three meters high. It’s a miracle he survived,” Natarit pointed out.


An ambulance from Chachoengsao, Thailand immediately arrived. The rescuers managed to free him from the accident, with the metal still in his neck. They took him to a nearby hospital.

“When he was in the ambulance the nurses asked him if he was OK and he gave them a thumbs up,” shared Natarit.


Currently, Tharathep is still recovering and it is expected that he will be discharged from the hospital within the next few days.


Aussie YouTubers Break Guinness Record For Highest Basketball Shot Ever at 180m (593 feet)

The guy got it on his third attempt. How is that even humanly possible?

A team of Australian YouTubers just broke the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball ever shot. ‘How Ridiculous’ is a bunch of guys who love “sport, trick shots and making a difference,” according to their YouTube channel.

It can be remembers that How Ridiculous first held the record back in 2015 when they successfully recorded a basketball shot of 126.5m (415 feet) at the Gordon Dam in Tasmania, Australia. In May 2016, however, Dude Perfect stole the record with their 162m (533 feet) shot from the Cotter Ranch Tower in Oklahoma City, United States.

Well, How Ridiculous just successfully regained the title this month with a shot made from 180m (593 feet)!


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Some People Are Accusing This Bouncer Of Being Too Harsh With These Two Drunk Guys

One thing’s for sure though – two against one isn’t a fair fight!

When you are drunk, it’s always better to go home and call it a day than to stay on the streets looking for trouble.

The two drunk guys in the video below learned that lesson the hard way as they tried to enter a bar but were refused by a tough bouncer. And boy, he did hand them their sorry asses single-handedly!

This recently happened in Dublin and, as you can see on the footage, the two men were really drunk as heck.

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Controversial Pastor ‘Heals’ HIV and Cancer Patients By Spraying Them With Insecticide

The guy is called the ‘Prophet of Doom’ for a very literal reason.

If you are a preacher and have been nicknamed the ‘Prophet of Doom,’ there’s probably something wrong with how you’re doing your job. Like this pastor from South Africa who has recently been the center of controversy because of his unorthodox ‘healing’ methods.

Lethebo Rabalago, a self-proclaimed prophet, literally uses an insecticide called ‘Doom’ and sprays it to people’s eyes and other body parts. He claims it can heal people from different diseases – including cancer and HIV.

Rabalago, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly church in the province of Limpopo, has been slammed by different denominations and churches for his strange practice.

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