Thai Ladyboys Turn Heads in Recent Military Draft

Is it really an army draft or a ladyboys pageant?

  • Early this month, hundreds of thousands of young men all over Thailand reported for mandatory Army draft.
  • Among them are beautiful ‘ladyboys’ who stole the spotlight during the recruitment.
  • Under Thai army draft laws, ladyboys can be exempt from military duty if they present themselves and have enough evidence that they are already transformed.

Every year, the Kingdom of Thailand calls upon hundreds of thousands of young men aged 21 to serve military training and eventually be drafted into the army.

Aside from fit young men who show up at these annual drafts, however, beautiful and stunning “ladyboys” are present every year too!

Presenting, this year’s ladyboy military draftees:

That’s just some of the head-turners that showed up in the draft. Thailand is notorious for its stunning ‘ladyboys’ and very natural-looking cosmetic surgeries. The ladyboys are transgender women, usually with their faces, figures and top half as women, but retaining their male organs down there.

And in Thailand, you almost can’t tell apart a ladyboy from natural women!

Look at those feminine faces and figures!
And height made for beauty pageants too!
Or maybe even modeling?
There are fresh-faced cuties too!

And in case you are wondering about the piece of paper they are holding, those are the exemption form for the draft. In Thai military draft laws, the transgender ladyboys can be exempted from being drafted.

They just need to appear personally, provide valid medical certifications to prove their body transformation. In the seaside city of Pattaya, a total of twenty one ladyboys were exempted from the draft.

So yep these beauties aren’t gonna be serving in the military after all, but it sure is a sight to behold to see the gorgeous ladies going in an army draft for guys.

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