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Texas Fisherman Brutally Kills a Turtle With a Hammer in ‘Self-Defense’

Frustration at not catching any fish may have led to his animal cruelty.

Some people have no control over their anger, and sometimes let go of their temper in the most heartless way imaginable.

Such is the case of a Texas fisherman who, probably frustrated about not getting a single bite, let go of his frustration on a helpless creature.

The man was caught on video heartlessly murdering a hapless turtle with a hammer!

A common snapping turtle similar to the victim.

turtle 2

Terry Wayne Washington, 55, was fishing at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas last month when some joggers spotted him apparently reeling in an unusually big catch.

It was evidently not the catch of the day Washington had been hoping for. To the shock of witnesses, he took out a big claw hammer and began bashing the living daylights out of the poor turtle.

Instead of freeing his mistaken catch, the man opted to let out his annoyance on the animal.

Its only misfortune was to be caught on his hook.

turtle 1

Source: KXan

Appalled and outraged by Washington’s violent act, the joggers immediately took a video of him brutishly savaging the turtle trapped on his line.

Watch the video:

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According to witnesses, Washington violently hit the turtle a total of 10 times with his claw hammer, breaking its shell, and eventually killing it.

Washington’s heartless act was posted on Facebook, where horrified viewers shared the video countless times, and called for his arrest.

The video also proved instrument in helping police identify the suspect.

turtle 4

Source: Fox 7

Washington, who surrendered voluntarily, told police he was merely “defending” himself against the turtle. He claimed it kept “lunging” at him in an attempt to bite.

He said he was “frightened” at the turtle’s behavior, which prompted him to “fight back.”

Washington’s mug shot.

turtle 3

Source: Remikuti

Police investigating the scene found the 27-inch, 30 – 40 pound turtle’s carcass under a bridge where Washington dumped the body after killing it.

Its entire head had caved in from Washington’s blows, and a blood trail 75 feet long trailed from the water’s edge all the way to its body.

Washington will be charged cruelty to a non-livestock animal, a state jail felony under the Texas penal code. He will also be liable for two misdemeanors for killing wildlife, and illegally dumping dead wildlife.

Did his excuse of self-defense justify the killing of that turtle?


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