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Shocking Footage Of Teacher Dragging 14 Year Old Girl Into A Pool Is Quite Disgusting





A Physical Education teacher in Stockton, California is facing charges after a video caught him dragging a female student and trying to force her into a swimming pool.

Denny Peterson, a P.E. teacher for more than 10 years at Edison High School in the Stockton, California, was filmed dragging a 14-year-old student on the deck toward the pool. The footage, which was shot by another student, shows him dragging a 14-year-old girl who did not want to get into the water.

In the mobile phone footage, other students are seen at times intervening and trying to pull the girl from Peterson.


“Regardless of her participation it should disgust you how this man put his hands on a 14-year-old girl. She said multiple times, ‘my top is falling down,’” Somera said.

Peterson was put on paid leave following the August incident and later reassigned. This week, he was served a misdemeanor charge for corporal injury to a child and put on leave again. The family’s attorney said they are considering a lawsuit.

Watch the Video:

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Why the struggle in the first place? The girl didn’t want to get into the pool because she had her hair done for a later event and didn’t want to get it wet, a news station reported.

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