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Viral Mom Who Breastfeeds During Sex Just Made The Most Awkward TV Interview Ever

Tasha Maile appeared on a TV show to defend her practice of nursing her baby while having sex. The interview turned out to be a disaster!

Tasha Malie, YouTube’s breastfeeding advocate, sparked debates online after admitting to having sex while nursing a baby. Recently, she has been interviewed in a television program and she defended her “odd” practices. The interview that was aired on ITV’s “This Morning” and has been a load of awkward moments, most especially when Tasha appeared doing what she usually does – breastfeeding her baby.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were in total shock of Tasha Maile’s logic on simultaneously feeding her baby while going intimate with her husband. Expressions of disbelief were painted all over the hosts’ faces as they listened to her reasoning.

Hosts Holly and Phillip of ‘This Morning’ were shocked at how Tasha defended her absurd practices.

Tasha said:

“Being an adult about the conversation and getting to the actual details – the baby was sleeping while breastfeeding.

“We all like sex, it’s fine if the baby’s sleeping.”

Tasha’s vlog about breastfeeding while having sex went viral on YouTube but it earned numerous criticisms with many netizens saying her act is highly disgusting. As most commenters are already attacking her for her absurd practice, Tasha later released a second video to explain how she does her nursing-sexing acts and why the two has to be done in tandem.

Tasha appeared in a TV interview while nursing her baby to defend how it should be acceptable to feed kids while making love.

When her video earned enraged viewers, she then explained in a follow up vlog how she could not make her son stop from sucking milk from her and how important sex is for couples. She insisted that feeding while making love should be acceptable. Tasha repeated the same explanation during the interview when Holly asked if she would have sex given her baby is awake.

Tasha brushed off the criticism in the question by answering:

“Even if the baby is awake and off to side…If the baby is ok, they’re not judging you.”

As cited by Ozzyman, Tasha even went as far as comparing killing someone in front of the kids with making love in front of them.

A puzzled Holly then continued to ask her about what age of her kids she thinks is unacceptable for her to be making love in the same room with them. Tasha dodged off the question until she was forced to answer saying she does not make love in front of her eldest son. However, she took a quick U-turn saying, “If you’re having sex in front of your children and if it feels good,” pointing out in the end that she wouldn’t care once their sexual urge taps them.

Obviously unimpressed with her answers, Holly then shut down the interview with Tasha and thanked her for guesting on their show.

Viewers of “This Morning” who witnessed the interview with Tasha also spared some time to give their comments through Twitter. Many were downright appalled with Tasha saying she was only trying to grab attention. Thousands even condemned her for involving her kids in sexual acts, saying she’s gone too far and her practice is a clear violation to kids’ welfare.

Viewers of ‘This Morning’ were taken aback by Tasha's comparison of having sex and killing someone in front of kids.

Many people can't agree with Tasha's logic of feeding her kids while having sex.

Watch Tasha Maile’s interview below:

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