This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help

Ever wanted to enhance one of your photos? If you want hilarity to ensue, make sure you ask James Fridman!

August 22, 2016

This Instagram Troll Is Back With Even More Hilarious Celebrity Parodies

This woman definitely wins at trolling!

April 24, 2016

Businessman Trolls Beggars With Sign After They Refuse His Job Offer

Apparently, these beggars are not familiar with the old adage "Beggars can't be choosers."

December 17, 2015

Why Are Cats So Insanely Terrified of Harmless Cucumbers?

A wild cucumber appeared!

November 18, 2015

Watch People’s Reactions to the “Fingering” Handshake Prank

If you were one of the victims, how would you react?

October 1, 2015

Troll Parents Recreate Daughter and Boyfriend’s Ridiculous Selfies

These kids just got served.

September 14, 2015

South Korea Trolls North Korea – by Playing K-Pop Songs!

What prompted this unconventional move?

August 28, 2015

Guy Wants Kid Removed From His Picture, Internet Responds In A Totally Hilarious Way!

This guy wanted to remove a kid from this picture. The internet responded in a hilarious way!

August 22, 2015

Clever Crows Troll Other Animals by Pulling Their Tails

They're the ultimate trolls in the animal kingdom!

July 23, 2015

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