Traffic Jam Saves Man’s Life After He Misses Ill-Fated Lion Air Flight

Meet the “luckiest man alive.”

November 3, 2018

City in Spain Has Banned Cars Since 1999 and Residents Describe It As A ‘Paradise’

Road accidents have been eliminated, air pollution have been greatly reduced.

October 4, 2018

Traffic Accident Leads To Amazing Surprise For Motorcycle Rider

What would you do if you were in this situation?

September 30, 2018

Man Faces £2,500 Fine After Driving 101mph While Rushing Pregnant Wife To Hospital

He's now appealing for leniency over the “life and death” situation.

May 4, 2018

Iceland’s ‘Floating’ Pedestrian Crossing Effectively Slows Down Speeding Vehicles

Now speeding drivers are forced to slow down as they approach the area.

October 27, 2017

Police Officer Asks Woman To Pull Over For Broken Brake Light, Gets Hailed As Hero

The cop fixed her broken brake light and now his good deed is being praised on Facebook.

September 16, 2017

Instant Karma Hits this Rude Driver Who Flips Off a Woman in Traffic

Few things in life are more satisfying than watching instant karma unfold.

February 22, 2017

This Amazing Korean Rolling Barrier System Will Save Millions of Lives

Road safety is a huge concern and Korea's road barriers look like a great solution towards preventing accidents.

December 29, 2016

Philando Castile, the Black Man Shot by a Police had a Lengthy of Traffic Offenses

Unbelievably, Castile had a lot of traffic offenses, accused and convicted, since he was 17.

July 9, 2016

Road Rage Drivers “Duel” Using a Stick and Baseball Bat

Right in the middle of traffic!

January 27, 2016

Russian Traffic Vigilantes Aggressively Taught Violators a Harsh Lesson

Stubborn traffic violators in Russia are definitely not tolerated. So when arrogant motorists break rules, this is what happens!

December 24, 2015

If You Think Traffic is a Problem in Your City, then You Haven’t Seen this Traffic Jam in China

I wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of that nightmarish traffic jam!

October 11, 2015

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