Australian Woman Finds Around 20 Venomous Spiders On Her Swimming Pool

These poisonous spiders can stay alive underwater for up to 24 hours, warned experts.

September 28, 2020

Man Screaming at Spider Sparks Full Police Response

When your greatest fear almost lands you in jail and made you internet famous.

January 16, 2019

New Invention Soft Robot Spiders Could Be The Future Of Medical Science

How would you feel having these little robots operating inside your body?

August 14, 2018

Spiders Are Friends: Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid Of Them in Your Home

An entomologist explains how these creatures can actually be helpful indoors.

June 6, 2018

New Species of Spider That Emerges Only at Low Tide Has Been Named After Bob Marley

Researchers got their inspiration from Marley's hit 1973 song "High Tide or Low Tide."

December 28, 2017

Spiders Can Eat All Humans In The World In Just A Year, Scientists Say

Scientists share a terrifying possibility saying spiders can eat the entire human race in just a year.

December 12, 2017

Woman Horrified To Find Patch Covering Her Yard Is Actually a Massive SPIDER Invasion

"This is the thing nightmares are made of."

September 22, 2017

Scientists Find ‘Bizarre Beasts’ Living in an Isolated Cave for 5 Million Years

These otherworldly species haven't been exposed to sunlight in 5.5 million years!

September 20, 2016

Shocked Buyer Complains About Grocery Store’s “Spider Cookie”

This can be an arachnophobe's biggest nightmare!

September 17, 2016

13 Most Venomous Spiders to Watch Out!

You may encounter potentially deadly spiders especially when you are out for adventure, learn to determine what kind of arachnid…

February 25, 2016

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