Photo of Naked Dad Cradling His Sick Baby in the Shower Sparks Controversy

Is This Picture Disgusting or Beautiful?

July 20, 2016

Man Called Father For Help When He Ran Out of Fuel. What Dad Said Stuck With Him Forever

Father teaches his son a valuable lesson in life: the value of a good reputation.

April 22, 2016

Man Writes To His Dad Who Abandoned Him After His Mom Died When He Was 2 Yrs Old

"When she died... I spent three days in that apartment, eating toast and just waiting for her to wake up."

April 16, 2016

Daddy Calls His Son a Loser in Public and Bullies Him in front of Other Kids

Who would expect that this man will humiliate his son in public? Watch how a stranger reacted to the situation.

March 23, 2016

Quick Man Saves Boy From Being Hit By A Baseball Bat Right In The Face

And it was captured in the most perfect time ever!

March 14, 2016

Mother Wants To Abandon Her Baby; Dad Comes To The Rescue

This father sets a perfect example of how dads should be.

February 13, 2016

Dying Father Left His Son A Shoebox Full Of Letters

This is one of the most beautiful things I've read.

January 16, 2016

This 6-Year-Old Boy Takes His Mom To Dinner Dates Every Month Using His Own Money

Chivalry is dead, you say? Well, not quite just yet!

January 11, 2016

A Dad Receives A Letter From His Missing Son And The Content Is Every Parent’s Nightmare

"I had to elope with my new girlfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with mom and you."

November 24, 2015

Cute Toddler Can’t Blow Out His Birthday Candle So His Clever Dad Helped Him

That's really creative - and adorable!

October 29, 2015

To Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, This Dad Made His Kid ‘Fly’

"Wil has Down Syndrome, but my family and I know that won't stop him from doing anything he puts his…

October 23, 2015

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