Science Explains Why Pregnant Women Often Have Strange Dreams

Ever noticed how dreams seem to be spookier and more vivid when you're pregnant? Here's why!

July 21, 2018

8 Easy Evening Tricks To Wake Up With Gorgeous Skin

Get the power to confidently declare, "I woke up like this!"

July 19, 2018

Psychologist Shares Unusual Sleep Inducing Tip That Is So Weird It Just Might Work

This trick might help you fight insomnia!

June 27, 2018

Teenage Boy Stayed Awake For 11 Days In The Name Of Science

The experiment became a national sensation.

June 18, 2018

6 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health

Which sleeping position is your favorite?

January 31, 2018

Three-Year-Old Girl’s Bizarre Condition Never Lets Her Sleep In Her Entire Life

A three-year-old girl has a problem getting sleep at night. Find out about her unique condition and how they are…

December 13, 2017

A Fascinating Method To Control Your Dreams Has Been Confirmed, Studies Say

Making Inception a reality, one step at a time.

October 23, 2017

10 of the Most Terrifying Disasters Caused by Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep is deemed one of the major causes of massive disasters in history.

October 5, 2017

Can’t Sleep? Study Shows That Your Pets May Be the Perfect ‘Sleeping Pills’

In a world where people work at all hours, it's getting harder to get high-quality sleep — but your pets…

September 11, 2017

Poor Sleep Linked To Heart Attack And Stroke, Scientists Found

How long do you sleep per night? You might be at risk for heart attack and stroke.

September 4, 2017

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