World’s Deepest Swimming Pool To Open Soon In Poland

Here's a unique swimming pool to check out!

August 14, 2019

One Of The Scariest Bodybuilder In The World Is Set To Make His MMA Debut

He's bringing a new level of brutal to the octagon!

October 19, 2018

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland’s Gorgeous Underground Cathedral Built By Miners

The unique place of worship is more than 1,000 feet below the ground!

August 24, 2018

Cat Interrupts Polish Academic During TV Interview

Fortunately, he handled the situation well.

July 11, 2018

A Newborn Baby Dies Screaming For An Hour After Two Failed Abortion Attempts

A baby born at 24 weeks was denied medical attention after birth and was left to die.

March 26, 2016

Mysterious Forest With 400 Crooked Trees Remains Unsolved To Date.

The unsolved mystery of the Crooked Forest in Poland featured in this beautiful photo series.

January 10, 2016

Poland Government Confirms Nazi Gold Train Says Location Is Discovered Through Deathbed Confession

In a n interesting twist of events, Poland government just admitted the Nazi gold train's existence after two treasure hunters…

August 29, 2015

Two Treasure Hunters Claim They’ve Found The Legendary Nazi Train Containing 300 Tons of Gold

Two treasure hunters declared that they have found the fabled train somewhere in Poland.

August 27, 2015

This Unsuspecting Airline Passenger Is Given An Unexpected Surprise At The Airport!

That's wonderful, but I hope he doesn't miss his flight!

April 6, 2015

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