Flower Seller Moved To Tears After Kind Stranger Buys All Of Her Roses On NY Subway

The world needs us to be kind to one another.

October 19, 2018

Kind Waitress Helped Feed Fussy Toddler So Mom Can Enjoy Dinner

A little kindness surely goes a long way. Be a blessing to someone today.

October 17, 2018

Chinese Street Cleaner Refuses Reward After Finding $22,000 Cash In The Trash

"Although my conditions are a bit hard, it's important to have good morals."

October 8, 2018

Little Boy Makes Sandwiches And Hot Soup For Homeless After Seeing Documentary

This two-year-old reminds us that there's always something we can do.

October 4, 2018

Teen Surprises School Janitor With His Dream Sneakers

"I'm so thankful to have met him … He gives me a different perspective on life."

September 20, 2018

Waitresses Learn Sign Language To Sing Happy Birthday To Deaf Boy

Now that's what you call good service!

September 10, 2018

Nurse Discovers New Doctor Is Premature Baby She Helped Save 28 Years Ago

"Not all of us will get the chance to see our patients grow up, and I was so happy to…

September 5, 2018

Opposing Football Teams Help Boy In Wheelchair Score a Touchdown

We adults can learn so much from these kids!

August 28, 2018

Girl Scouts Paint Positive Quotes On School Bathrooms To Inspire Fellow Students

These students prove that there is more to girl scouts than selling cookies.

August 28, 2018

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