Mission Impossible: Squirrel Conquers a Difficult Obstacle Course for Food

It was a dangerous obstacle, but they had their eyes set on the prize.

January 9, 2016

16 Adorable Pictures of Fathers and Daughters Doing The Silliest Things Together

These loving fathers are not afraid to look ridiculous for their kids.

September 15, 2015

This Guy’s ‘Skin a Watermelon’ Party Trick Totally Rocks!

It's not rocket science but if you want to amaze your friends or family, this will surely work.

September 2, 2015

Here’s What Happens When You Leave a Budding Artist Alone with Her Little Brother

Apparently, she was giving him a peanut butter scrub.

September 1, 2015

During His Free Time, Photographer Creates Mini Lego Adventures – Which Looks Absolutely Fun!

This photographer decided to do something fun during his spare time - make mini Lego adventures and take photos of…

August 31, 2015

This Wicked 120-Foot-Long Water Slide in Texas Sends Riders Flying High Up in the Air

No giant loops and turns. It's a simple, fast ride that can catapult you high up in the air before…

July 1, 2015

Nobody Wants to Use the Stairs. After its Cool Transformation, Everyone Loves it!

This is a really good way to motivate people to use the stairs instead of the escalator!

June 29, 2015

This Curious Pup Named Freddy Tried a Different Kind of Fun on His Own!

He left his pack and went for a stroll until he found a pool... it's so cute!

May 8, 2015

This Woman’s Bikini Photo Goes Viral for a Very Surprising Reason…

A lot of women feel ashamed about their bodies, especially if they have some perceived or real imperfections that make…

April 6, 2015

At Her 38th Week of Pregnancy, This Mom Hoped to Induce Labor by Dancing

This mom, already on her 38th week of pregnancy, danced her way into labor!

March 30, 2015

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