Police Officer Pulls Over To Play Catch With Boy Throwing Football Alone

This is going to be one of the sweetest things you'll see today!

November 4, 2018

Teen Wins Homecoming Queen Then Nails Football Game-Winning Kick Later That Night

“I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to…

September 14, 2018

Netizens Are Burning Their Nike Shoes After Colin Kaepernick Becomes Face Of New Ad

Social media users destroyed their Nike shoes and socks to protest the ad campaign.

September 7, 2018

Opposing Football Teams Help Boy In Wheelchair Score a Touchdown

We adults can learn so much from these kids!

August 28, 2018

“I’m a Millionaire, Google Me” Footballer Tells Police After Being Caught Drunk Driving

He showed no remorse for what he had been arrested for.

April 11, 2018

Female Freestyle Footballer Sets Two New Guinness Records For Incredible Football Skills

Indi Cowie, 23, just set TWO Guinness records in freestyle football!

October 30, 2017

Couple with 13 Sons Vows to Continue Trying for Kids Until They Have a Daughter

And they will keep on trying, and trying, and trying...

April 26, 2017

Football Goalie Beagle Breaks Records Saving 14 Balls In One Minute

This dog makes a better FIFA goalie than most.

September 23, 2015

So What Happens If You Get An Open-Letter From An 11-Year Old? It Will Bring You in Awe!

So what happens if the big guys cannot do what they're supposed to do? Easy, send them the little ones.

May 22, 2015

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