Woman Risks Life To Rescue Beer Kegs During Storm In Australia

She sure knows her priorities!

December 17, 2020

Thousands Call For Help After Massive Flooding Trap People in Cagayan, Philippines

"Our local government do not have enough manpower to rescue," lamented a local resident.

November 14, 2020

43 Days of Monsoon Rain Devastate South Korea with Deadly Floods and Over 200 Landslides

16 dead; 11 missing ; 1,600 displaced ; and thousands of homes and facilities buried in landslides.

August 6, 2020

Manila-Based Architects Design Floating Homes That Can Withstand Storms and Floods

This could be perfect for flood-prone areas.

July 6, 2020

Students in Vietnam Need To Be Carried In Plastic Bags Across Flooded River To Go To School

They go through all this just to attend their classes!

July 13, 2019

Woman Buys Out Payless Store So She Can Donate Shoes To Flood Victims

"So many people have helped me when I was down, I want to help if I can."

April 13, 2019

How To Escape Your Car When It Starts Sinking Underwater

You have at least 30 seconds to save your life!

September 21, 2018

What To Do Before, During, and After a Flood

Do you know what it takes to survive a flood?

August 14, 2018

Guy Bravely Steps Into Raging Floodwaters To Save 3-Year-Old Girl

The wild floodwaters swept the young girl away. Fortunately, our hero acted fast!

July 24, 2018

Threats Of A Mysterious Deadly Infection Emerge In Australia After Typhoon’s Rage

People can get the infection through direct contact with floodwater or droplets in the air.

March 22, 2018

Filipino Earns Praises After Saving Arab Man From Drowning in Jeddah

According to him, he just did what he thought was right - even if he had to risk his life.

November 24, 2017

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