UK’s New Colossal Warship HMS Queen Elizabeth Not Welcome in the South China Sea

Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Lu Kuang criticized the British government over its plan to conduct a freedom of navigation in…

August 3, 2017

China’s Stunning Artificial Islands in West Philippine Sea, a Modern Engineering Marvel

Time to say “construction complete” for China?

November 25, 2016

Watch Bulldozers Battle It Out in This Unusual Street Fight in China

Construction workers raised their "blades" to ram each other down.

April 20, 2016

Colombia Finds the ‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ With Treasures Worth $17 Billion

Galleon San Jose's treasures were estimated between $4 and $17 bilion, but that was three to four years ago.

December 7, 2015

Old Couple Refused to Sell their Land, so the Developers Did THIS!

This is a cheap, underhanded move done by the developers to force the farmers to leave the land.

October 17, 2015

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