Man Shocks Reporter on How He’d Spend the Lottery Winnings

Man surprises the reporter with his answer on how he would use the money if he wins the lotteryThe reporter…

November 1, 2021

Divers Find Drug Submarine In Search For Pablo Escobar’s $50 Billion Fortune

The former agents are on a mission to search for Pablo Escobar's hidden fortune.

January 25, 2018

Colombian Army Seizes Drug-Smuggling Submarine Used To Transport Four Tons Of Cocaine

Thirty percent of illegal drugs in the US arrive via narco-submarines.

July 30, 2017

Drug Dealer, Thinking His Stash of Cocaine Has Been Stolen, Called 911 For Help

Seriously, this guy needs professional help in one way or another.

July 21, 2017

These Two Canadian Hotties Were Arrested For Smuggling $23M of Cocaine In Australia

No wonder, their Instagram posts showed them living lavish lifestyles.

September 4, 2016

A Man Died After Biting Fellow Passenger on Aer Lingus Flight

It is believed that the man, who exhibited extreme violence during the flight, became unwell and unconscious after being restrained.

October 20, 2015

To Overcome His Addiction, Barber Gives Free Haircut to Homeless People

In order to have a clean start, he gave homeless people clean cuts.

July 4, 2015

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