Eerie Religion Disposes Their Dead In The Most Peculiar Way!

The Zoroastrians have been dubbed as the "world's first ecological religion" and their way of disposing the dead is very…

January 4, 2017

People Are Awesome 2016: The Compilation of The Most Epic Videos of the Year!

The compilation of this year's most amazing caught-on-video moments will definitely cheer you up and blow your mind!

December 29, 2016

20 Artistic Solutions To Help You Fix Broken Stuff

My favorites would have to be #1 and #8!

December 13, 2016

Awesome Grandpa Buys Gigantic Teddy Bear For His Granddaughter

He's probably the coolest grandpa ever!

September 23, 2016

20 of The Coolest Wedding Invitations Ever

Some awesome ideas in case you're getting married soon!

August 2, 2016

15 Awesome Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Done Right

This is hilarious! #4 had me laughing really good!

June 15, 2016

15 Brilliant “Solutions” For Your Cracked Phone Screen

Go tag a friend with a broken phone screen!

June 14, 2016

Awesome Boss And His Team Did a Real Life DIY SOS Home Makeover For A Sick Worker.

This dream team just made a cancer-stricken worker and his family happy.

May 20, 2016

British YouTuber Builds First Real, Floating Hoverbike From His Garage

Unlike commercially-sold hoverboards, this homemade hoverbike really hovers!

May 3, 2016

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