Traffic Jam Saves Man’s Life After He Misses Ill-Fated Lion Air Flight

Meet the “luckiest man alive.”

November 3, 2018

Rude Woman Refused To Sit Beside Crying Baby On Plane, Gets Instant Karma

Do you think she got what she deserves?

September 6, 2018

People Are Calling For Child-Free Zones In Flights

Many people would even pay extra money to stay in child-free flights.

February 26, 2018

Female Passenger Spotted Drying Her Soggy Underwear Beneath The Plane’s Air Vent

The woman didn't seem to care what others would think.

February 21, 2018

Meteor Hailed As ‘Celestial Gift’ By Indian Villagers Turns Out To Be Frozen Poop

Indian villagers were left disappointed after the 'extraterrestrial object' they put in fridge turns out to be frozen human poop.

January 23, 2018

Inside the World’s Only Privately Owned Boeing 787 Dreamliner aka “Flying Penthouse”

The aircraft is worth a whopping $300 million.

November 25, 2017

10 Of The Scariest Accidents and Incidents Involving Airplanes

Your love for airplanes might start to diminish.

August 20, 2017

Police Drag Paying Passenger Off An Overbooked Plane, Bloodying His Face

Passengers posted videos of the incident on social media and netizens are outraged at the violent treatment.

April 11, 2017

14 Air Travel Hacks from Airport Workers to Help You on Your Next Flight

Make traveling by plane a little easier by following these tips from airport workers and flight attendants!

November 8, 2016

Cool Muslim Woman Befriends Passenger Who Was Terrified To Sit Beside Her

The woman thought Javi Akbor was a terrorist. They ended up being friends!

July 25, 2016

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