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Suspected Cheater Was Actually Using Condoms For A Whole Different Purpose






The Jeremy Kyle show is famously known for providing DNA results, lie detector tests, and brutal confrontations on stage. However, the show is also popular for having some of the most shocking outcomes in television history.

Just like this young couple, for example. Chelsea was accusing her boyfriend Tyla of cheating on her after she found condoms around the house but this episode proved that there’s definitely more to the story than meets the eye.

Source: YouTube

Tyla and Chelsea sought Jeremy’s shouty expertise, and Graham’s lie detector expertise, to work through the issue of trust in their relationship.

Chelsea said:

“I’d gone to the toilet, and on the floor, there was a corner of a condom wrapper. I walked into the front room with my little boy, and again on the floor, there is another corner of another condom wrapper.”

Although the discovery of ripped condom wrappers in their bedroom had certainly put Tyla on a bad spot, he said that he was using condoms for a whole different purpose.

Source: YouTube

Tyla admitted that he had a reputation for sleeping around before he got serious with Chelsea, but he insisted that he didn’t do anything wrong.

He said:

“If I do it with a woman, mate, I do it properly. It takes a little bit longer than two hours … Some of us have got youth and stamina on our side, mate … I can just about knock one out in two hours. How can I do it twice in two hours?”

Source: YouTube

Tyla confidently said that he used the rubber for a totally different purpose. He said that he filled them up with water and threw them at cats.

While that sounded completely bizarre, Tyla shocked everyone when he passed the lie detector test with flying colors. So he wasn’t a cheat, he just had a weird way scaring off some cats.

Watch the video here:

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