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15 Superb Dads Who Totally Went The Extra Mile for Their Kids





How do you define a “daddy”? There are plenty of special quotes for that because, for certain, daddy is a special part of all our lives.

Someone defined daddy as “a son’s first superhero; a daughter’s first love” while another said “any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a dad”.

No matter how you define “daddy”, many would agree that he is that special person who has a special spot in the heart no one can replace.

Across the world, dads show how much they love their children through ways money can’t buy.

1. Conquering the Waves with Daddy


Photo credit: Huffington Post

For this awesome dad, it means sharing his love of surfing with his charming daughter…and you can see she loves surfing, too!

2. Bonding Moments with Daddy on the Floor


Photo credit: Fatherly Stuff

Dads make an awesome base for a loving dad pile of wriggling bodies and giggling kids.

3. Tea Party with Daddy


Photo credit: List25/Viral Nova

Awesome dads like this guy do not mind pretend-play with girly stuff to make their little princess happy.

4. Superhero Shopping with Daddy


Photo credit: List 25/Viral Nova

It surely feels awesome to have a dad who enjoys super heroes as much as you do. Daddy, you rock!

5. Shopping for Nail Polish with a Chic Dad


Photo credit: Imgur/Viral Nova

It is also awesome to find a daddy seriously checking out the nail polish options for his trendy little princess. Yes, daddy does not need to prove anything. Shopping with the little princess inside a beauty shop does not make him feminine but actually enhances his masculinity. Only real men could ever do that without thinking about what others would say! (Continue reading next page…)

6. Enjoying a Sports Tour with an Awesome Dad


Daddy makes this kid’s dream come true. Truly heartwarming.

7. Playing Villains with Daddy


Photo credit: ImgHut

…because playing superheroes can be boring at times…

8. Awesome Beauty Tips from Daddy


Photo credit: List25/Viral Nova

If you think dads have no sense of fashion, think again… These great daddies will certainly prove you wrong.

9. Having Fun with an Innovative Dad


Photo credit: List25/Viral Nova

Who said you need steel bars or some wood to make a swing? Daddy can easily be a swing – a smiling swing at that. However, this set-up looks a bit dangerous but props to Daddy for trying to please his little girl.

10. Super Scary Halloweens with Daddy


Photo credit: Imgur/Viral Nova

It is always wonderful to have a daddy who is game for anything – even if it means becoming a chained zombie for a zombie daughter on Halloween.

11. Pampered by a Creative Daddy


Photo credit: Imgur/Viral Nova

It is fantastic how this daddy did everything he could to make his daughter enjoy her favorite superhero.

12. Military Training Time with Daddy


There are lots of things daddies can teach their kids – including how to do push-ups properly.

13. Daddy as the Protector


Photo credit: Imgur/Viral Nova

As the head of the family, daddies are the natural protectors for everyone in the family. This daddy’s weapon of choice is quite awesome!

14. Fantastic Costume from a Superb Daddy


Photo credit: Imgur/Viral Nova

There are so many great things dads can do but making their kids feel wonderful is truly the best thing in the world.

So, how about you? What’s the most wonderful moment you have ever spent with your daddy?

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